Barcolana-51 has limited the number of participants

May 27, 2019

      Barcolana-51 has limited the number of participants
      The world's largest (in the number of participating yachts) sailing regatta Barcolana, which will be held this year for the 51st time, has decided to limit the number of participants.

Barcolana-51 has limited the number of participants

After from 2016 to 2018, their number increased from 1,765 boats to 2,689, the regatta leadership – based on the opinion of the port authorities – limited the maximum number of launching boats to 2,700 yachts.

Barcolana, by the way, is not only the most numerous, but also one of the most profitable regattas in the world, annually generating a total profit of about 70 million euros.

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