Tough day at Euromed

The second day of competition Euromed Malta brought the Russian “optimister” with mixed results. In light winds was held on 20 December three races, the results of which Cyril goes Shanenkov fifteenth.

This day traditional Euromed was for 160 participants from a dozen countries real labor. In light oscillating breeze, the Committee held three scheduled races, having thus the possibility to hold the emission of the worst result. For several athletes Academy sailing program OptiPro this option has become very useful: many were disqualified by the “black flag”. Such a disqualification “earned” Kirill Shanenkov, Alexander Minibaev, Vyacheslav Marcus and a number of athletes.

Thus, in General, Kirill Shanenkov improved their results. With two second branches, the winner of the Euromed 2017 Shanenkov rose to 15 th place overall and has shown the best result among Russian athletes. A good result in the asset recorded and “academician”, member of the OptiPro, the winner of the first race of Alexander Minibaev. He was second in the third race of the day. Also in the top ten finished Vyacheslav Marcus – sixth ward in the second race.

“One of the elements of the work OptiPro is the ability to walk stably in any conditions, whether fresh or moderate breeze, says coach Denis Razumovich. – Here is just perfect conditions for such training zahoditi wind and smooth water.”

Their results in the overall standings, worsened girls. Alice kodaneva and Marina Babkina fell out of the top ten after the second day of the competition.

In the group of novice athletes, which compete six players from the Academy of sailing under the guidance of Kristina Ezhova, Yegor Denisov continues to show the best result among the Russians. Egor tenth line of standings of the Novice Fleet. Well progressing 10-year-old Pavel Guschin. He is now 13th with two parishes in the top ten on Thursday.

Ivan Bidzilya



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