The crew of the smallest boat of the Rolex Sydney Hobart will be the Australian soldiers

Catholics and Protestants around the world celebrate Christmas, and that means that before the start of the 74th annual race Sydney — Hobart (AustraliaTasmania) remained only one day. The smallest of the 92 vessels that will start, will be a 9.2-metre Jarkan 925 Gun Runner. The vessel, by the standards of the regatta, tiny not only in size, but the crew (six people, five of them new, little walked together a team of Australian servicemen), and the annual budget is only $4 thousand

Soldiers on Board a Gun Runner during the regatta there will be no accident. The boat belongs to the yacht club the Australian army and over the years used by the army to show new recruits the value of courage, initiative, respect and teamwork. Just season it in the ocean, out of about 200 people.

“In normal circumstances Sydney to Hobart can be a difficult race: difficult to rally a new team, make it so that people began to work together. But the soldiers are already planted. They are able to work under pressure, respond to instructions and suggestions. Together they work as a team to achieve goals, although there are no superstars yachting,” says portal, Yachts and Yachting, the permanent skipper Gun Runner Rice Yang (Reece Young).

The upcoming regatta, the team was participating in a series of CYCA Twilight Series on Sydney harbour. To reach Hobart, Gun Runner will take about five days. For the young this will be the second part in the famous regatta.

“If you’re going this route once is a great achievement. But if you come back next year and again finish with another team, it makes undeniable the fact that successfully pass the route is really possible that you yourself are capable of it. You just need to believe in yourself. The ability to finish the race is not just for multimillionaires, boats, supermaxi, etc. have It all,” continues Yang.

The owners of the Gun Runner — Shane Kearns (Shane Kearns) and Sean Langman (Sean Langman) — will also be racing in small boats. Cairns on a ten-meter S&S 34 Komatsu Azzurro and Langman on the Reichel/Pugh 65 Naval Group. In 2017, the boat Langman, the penalty of Maluka, was the smallest participant of the regatta. According to Yang, the sample of participants in small vessels, as Langman and Cairns, inspires his team.

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