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The Exbury Egg, or The Egg – a unique project created by British artists Stephen Turner (Stephen Turner). This is a temporary, energy efficient and completely Autonomous work space, fit for habitation and climate, flora and fauna in the estuary of the Beaulieu river (New Forest National Park, UK).

According to Stephen Turner, The Egg is a remedy that is necessary and safe intervention in the natural landscape during the period of observed climate change and sea level rise that have created and continue to create new shorelines and habitats of flora and fauna. The consequences of climate change at the moment are not a subject of increasing interest to scientists and, moreover, is not interesting to the modern world of big cities, no longer ageusia pace with its environment.

Through the project, The Egg, Stephen Turner and his colleagues hope to achieve a closer contact with nature. During the twelve months from 15 Jul 2013 to 14 Jul 2014 the artist spent aboard this unusual ship in hard to reach areas of the mouth of the Beaulieu river, studying the behavior of wild animals, birds, flora and climate.

Your observations Stephen Turner reflected daily in the diary which is available to everyone at exburyegg.me. Objects of interest to the artist became the most various phenomena and life forms. In research he was helped by the sensors, a laptop and two video cameras (link) – all the equipment is powered solely from solar panels.

The creation of the original vessel took almost 3 years, including the stage of concept development and construction. In the work on the project The Exbury Egg participated SPUD design company, architectural firm PAD, naval architect Stephen Payne (Stephen Payne ) and a boat-Builder Paul Baker (Paul Baker). Directly the construction and descent of the vessel carried Rice Phillips (Rhys Phillips), Jack Walker (Jack Walker) and Conner Jones (Conner Jones) from Southampton Solent University.

Official website of the project The Exbury Egg: www.exburyegg.org

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