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As we previously reported, signed and sent to the next printing, the 115th issue of the magazine Yacht Russia. Here is a comment of Vasiliy Senatorov under the heading “From the publisher”, which this room opens.

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I want for the New year. I want to see in upcoming beacons of interesting events and record them in your “moleskin”. In General, I want something real…

It so happened that just a few days before Christmas decided the place and the date of the anniversary regatta of “Dragon” class, devoted to the 90th anniversary of this classic, but forever young boat. It will be held from 7 to 11 October in San Remo (with account reset, registration, and lifting of boats from 5 to 13).

The last event was in 2004 in Saint-Tropez on the 75th anniversary of the class. I, Yes I, legends of the sails that they had never seen neither before nor after. Can you imagine the joint launch of the 275 boats? Line it was about two miles! And three community review!

The President of our class king Constantine (he is honorary President of the WS), speaking this afternoon at the gala dinner (in tent, tables were set with Seating for 1,600 people, dress code- black tai), said that it was upset from what was vallartasol, but calmed down when he saw who were to accompany him. Yes, in those days on the French Riviera hosted a rare parade of royalty. The Norwegian Olaf, Spanish Juan Carlos, the Swedish Carl Gustav, Prince Henrik of Denmark, Prince albert of Monaco… all draconity. And then the elite of the business world. I remember a chance meeting with the former by the time the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Robert Mosbacher. Someone introduced a brother for him on the pier. The Minister laid down the sails and said, “well, Russian! I’m in Moscow too there buddy! and uncertainly, mispronouncing the language, said: – Illar Ions”. Illarionov, guess we (at the time Andrew was an adviser to the President of the Russian Federation) together and told Americans that the aforementioned Mr. known, but in Saint-Tropez it is not. “So he was the “Dragon” do not chase? – continued disappointedly our new friend: But you look such a decent man…”

So there was an audience. As well as hundreds of ordinary yachting enthusiasts, lawyers, doctors, teachers, managers and owners of companies of all sizes – from the local to the transnational. To understand who is who in this maelstrom of figures, korotovskih time on boats or in restaurants on the waterfront, it was impossible. And do not need. In those days we were all nice and friendly family of draconisweb. Were recognizable only elegant Pro. Some in person, like Russell Coutts, who won, by the way, the same General race.

As all in Saint-Tropez passed a kaleidoscope of races. Race of Champions for steering women to master crews (sum of three years > 180 years), young people (< 100), for kotowych race a classic wooden yacht… and, of course, the anniversary regatta, which consisted first of the races of the four fleets with each other with the selection of gold, silver and bronze and the final of the finals.

New friends, the euphoria of almost round-the-clock sailing holiday and fellowship of like-minded oysters and rose…

Then I bought my first, albeit secondhand, the “Dragon”.

That year was actually the starting point of a nice way revived the Russian Navy, “Dragons”, which for many years is one of the strongest among the armadas of 31 countries, members of the International Association “Dragon” class, the largest and most respected among the members in WS classes, the keel of monotypes.

So in 10 months for everyone who is already chasing or want to chase in our class have a unique opportunity to come to San Remo and to compete on the water or just enjoy the atmosphere of the stunning sailing festival. It is only necessary to hurry with the application. I’m afraid that in the resort of San Remo, we will not be able to accommodate more than 250 boats. Join us, gentlemen! It’s always worth it. Do yourself a gift for the New year!

Vasily Senatorov,
the President of the International Association Dragon class (IDA)

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