Today is the decisive race

June 4, 2019

      Today is the decisive race
      The "Golden" fleet has to go through the final race at the Cup of the Association "Optimist" class. June 4 will be known the names of those drivers who will represent our country in the world and European championships.

Today is the decisive race

The Optimist Class Association Cup is the most important regatta, which takes place in the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg from May 31 to June 4 and is the final stage of selection for key international season starts.

The fourth competitive day began very well – gusts of wind reached 10-12 knots, which allowed two races to be held. Unfortunately, at the end of the first race, the wind speed was only 4-6 knots. Then the judges decided to return the riders to the shore.

The proximity of the end of the regatta made athletes nervous. Many favorites did not show the results they expected. On the fourth day there was everything: sensations, false starts, mistakes of leaders and massive disqualifications.

“The most important thing is that we have extended the distance,” says Vladimir Komel, Deputy Chief Judge of the Association Cup. “Children have wondered where to go in the race. Before them was the task to understand the changeable weather conditions. It was evident that some guys from the start began to get nervous. Those who were quieter, gathered and held a smart race. The weather was in order to quickly disperse the yacht. We were pleased with how the race went. ”

The leaders – Artyom Maksimkin (Vodnik Production Complex, Dolgoprudny) and Andrei Sotnikov (Children's Sports Sailing Team "Rautu") performed best with the extended distance. The first won the ninth race, and the second showed the third result. This allowed the guys to break away from competitors. Maksimkin leads the Association Cup with 17 points, while Sotnikov is three points behind him.

On the final day of the competition, the struggle for the third line will unfold. An entire group of yachtsmen claims for bronze awards. The highest chances to finish third in Daniel Perchik. Because of the misfires of his competitors and the ejection (the athlete of the Daupka Rautu became only 31st, but this result did not count), he managed to climb in the table. Perchik bypassed Kirill Shunenkov, a representative of the Academy of Sailing, who finished 29th and dropped to sixth place overall. Between athletes "Rautu" and the Academy now 12 points. Together with them, students of Krestovsky Island – Danila Ivanov and Maxim Bondar will compete for the bronze.

“My arrival is not very good, but my closest rivals have collapsed even more,” says Daniel Perchik. “As a result, today's race went on my release. I want to be the third in the Association Cup and selected for the European Championship. I am now in the region of 8-9 places among those who are fighting for this ticket. So far, everything is going well for me, so I will most likely pass the selection. Tomorrow will need to come in the lead. "

Among the girls, Alisa Ivanovskaya took the first place (Rautu DSPK, St. Petersburg). Behind her are Ekaterina Elistratova (CSKA, Moscow) and Arina Bratashenko (Taganrog, State Educational Institution of the Republican Observatory of Sports and Development 3).

“Today was not the best day, because the wind was weak,” says Arina Bratashenko. “For me, these weather conditions are not very suitable, so I dropped from first to third place. My goal is to climb the first line. I can do it in tomorrow's race. I really want to be selected for the European Championship. You can not let go of rivals – today I did not succeed. "

The best among junior racers is Artem Cherpit from Sevastopol. Daniil Larchenkov (Rautu DSPK) came in second place. He outperformed most of his senior comrades and finished second in the “golden” fleet. On the third line is still Nikolai Fastenko (GBU FSO "Youth of Moscow).

Among the younger girls without changes: Dina Zhilkina is in the first place (Vodnik, Dolgoprudny), Yuliya Naymushina (FSPKK, Krasnoyarsk) – the second, closes the top three Polina Morozova (MBU SShOR No. 4, Sochi).

Results –

Evgeny Kitayev,

Press Service of the Academy of Sailing Yacht Club St. Petersburg

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