Two distances

July 22, 2019

      Two distances
      As the press service of the company Vneshtreydservis LTD informs, the XXIII Moscow traditional sailing regatta in the classes Optimist, Kadet, Snipe and Finn was held from July 14 to July 20 at the School of Business Administration Khlebnikovo Moskomsport with the support of , “Zoom 8”, “Laser 4.7”, “Ray-mini”.

Two distances

About 165 people from several regions of Russia – Moscow, Moscow Region, Yaroslavl, Sochi took part in the competition.

The regatta took place at two distances in the water area of ​​the Klyazma reservoir in the Ostashkov Reservoir area — the distance “Bravo” and the Pirogov Reach — the distance “Alpha”.

The distance “Bravo” was provided for the yachts of the classes “Finn”, “Snipe”, “Luch-mini”, “Laser 4.7”, the distance “Alpha” – for the classes “Optimist”, “Cadet”, “Zoom 8”.

Weather conditions at the time of the competition left much to be desired. Light winds up to 3 m / s, thunderstorms and cool, for the middle of summer, the weather did not allow our participants to fully disclose their sports skills. However, the organizers managed to conduct a sufficient number of races – XXIII Traditional sailing regatta took place.

After counting the results and analyzing all the protests, the winners were:

“Snipe” – Liseytseva Victoria, Liseytseva Dina (“SSSR“ Khlebnikovo ”Moskomsport);

“Finn” – Kolyachenko Kirill (“SSHO“ Khlebnikovo ”Moskomsport);

“Laser 4.7” – Arseniy Tsubanikov (“SSSR (in aquatic sports) of the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation“ CSKA ”);

“Luch-mini” – Dmitry Dronov (“FSO“ Youth of Moscow ”Moskomsport);

“Cadet” – Knyazev Vladislav, Soldiers Prokhor (“SSOR“ Khlebnikovo ”Moskomsport);

“Zoom 8” – Ogai Ksenia (“SSHO“ Khlebnikovo ”Moskomsport);

“Optimist” – Ekaterina Elistratova (“SSSR (in aquatic sports) FAU MO of the Russian Federation“ CSKA ”).

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