RF IC checks after the incident during a Junior regatta in Noumea

The investigating bodies of the southern investigatory management on transport SK the Russian Federation carried out a preliminary examination of the situation that occurred on 5 November. During the youth regatta in Gelendzhik (Krasnodar Krai) in the waters of the Blue Bay by the storm put into the water about 20 yachts participants. About it reports a press-service of the southern investigative Department.

28th youth regatta kicked off in the city on November 1 and was to last until November 8. It was 662 participants from Russia, Belarus and Armenia the age of 9 years. According to the organizers of the regatta, November 5, they received a storm warning, and therefore did not cancel the competition. However, some witnesses say the fishing vessels in the Bay that day is still recommended not to go to sea.

The wind changed direction and increased suddenly, the teenagers, part of which was finishing one of the stages of the competition, and part of preparing for the launch, scattered around the Bay. Some started to out to sea. Because of the strong gusts, some yachts are put on the water, others with torn sails.

“While under the boat, under the water, I thought I was gonna die! But the boat took it headlong from me on 15 meters,” — says one of the participants in the group regatta in Facebook.

Those participants who could not cope with the management in such circumstances and return to shore, evacuated on the coaching and referee courts maintenance. Emergency assistance was not required.

In the result of incident anybody seriously has not suffered. four people went to the doctors with a low temperature to exclude the possibility of hypothermia. One 19-year-old girl’s broken nose. Virtually all thrown into the waters of the boats returned to their owners within following days.

The possibility of the resumption of the competition in the waters of the Gelendzhik remains in question. At the meeting of the Association class “Optimist”, which was held in the city, the President of the Russian yachting Federation Vladimir Silkin said it would adopt all possible measures to close the “this outrageous regatta”.

However, according to eyewitnesses, this radical decision is not supported by the audience.

“Those present were indignant that strongly discourage the speaker. He was obviously waiting for approval, and it looked even more ridiculous,” — said on his page on Facebook to present at the meeting the Director of sports schools in sailing “Krestovsky island” Natalia Fedorova.

For the continuation of the event are representatives of the team from Samara who participated in the regatta this year.

“By and large, nothing extraordinary happened, the event should continue. I only hope that the relevant organizations, as well as some coach will make the appropriate conclusions about what happened. Our children are great!” — reads the message posted in the team group in Facebook.

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