About manageability

June 4, 2019

      About manageability
      Our colleagues working on the #EsmeraldaOK page continue to talk about Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s report on the results of the Golden Globe Race.

About manageability

Sir Robin's recommendations are not limited to the use of floating anchors and pearls.

When the worst part of the storm is over, and it seems that you can relax a little, it's time to think about the handling of the boat.

Suppose the wind was so strong that the skipper removed all the sails, and the boat still went at a decent speed. But now the wind has subsided and it has slowed. The perfect moment to set the sails! Let their area be minimal. The main thing is not to stop.

The lower the speed – the worse the boat is controlled. If you slow down too much, then at some point it may turn out that it is simply impossible to turn the boat in the right direction. The boat will be defenseless before the wave coming from the side of the board.

By the way, for the same reason you should not abuse floating anchors and hawser.

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