Pit stop at the summit

American traveler Randall Reeves, who is 45-foot aluminum sloop Moli conceived alone to describe a figure of eight around Antarctica and the Americas, decided to make a pit stop in the canadian Halifax – after 237 days and 31,000 nautical miles after the start.

About Odyssey Reeves we once wrote. But it was a few months ago. Is something to repeat.

Your project American called the Figure 8 Voyage. That is, the “voyage – eight” around Antarctica and the Americas. The total route length – about 38 thousand nautical miles. Monstrous lot. But here it should be noted that Reeves has for many years been an avid fan of Bernard Moitessier – since, when, while still at the University, took that interview for the student radio station.

Reeves started in October 2018 from San Francisco (this city, we recall, is on the West coast of the United States). Headed first South and then East. And walked around the Antarctic for 110 days. On 21 March a second time in one trip rounded Cape horn. Then headed North. And now get to Halifax (the canadian province of Nova Scotia).

So why he suddenly decided to make a pit stop for up to weeks? The journey is planned in such a way to be in the high latitudes of the summer – this allows you to avoid the most severe storms. Soon Reeves have to go through the canadian Northwest passage (he, by the way, there already were), and he was having problems with the sails, and something needs to be replaced. Besides, in the way Randall was a lot of ice. And, so, should wait a bit – in the hope that the sun will melt them.

To finish, Reeves plans in San Francisco, which is now not so far away. The whole journey will take less than a year. Must have time.

And, of course, you need to tell him about the ship, the more that it deserves. 45 foot Moli (the skipper just call him Mo) was built in 1989 specifically for high-latitude expeditions. The first owner, a German Clark Sted – walked it around the two Americas. Second owner – American Tony Gooch, – starting from North America, then sailed around Antarctica.

Turns out, Randall Reeves himself came up with nothing. Combined travel of the two previous owners of Moli – turned “eight”!

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