There is no sadder story in the world…

Only here it will not have the famous Shakespeare play. Happen, imagine the most sad story. So…

As you know, in 1992 marks 500 years since Columbus discovered America. And in honor of this significant event to the city of Corpus Christi(in Texas) from Spain arrived three replicas of the famous Columbus ships – the “Santa Maria”, “Pinta” and “niña”. On this occasion, held a ceremony.

Moreover, four years later, the Spaniards decided these vessels to Corpus Christi to give. In honor of what took place another ceremony. The Spaniards for a long time been thanked. Then “Santa Maria”, “Pinta” and “niña” began to work for the benefit of citizens – opened the school of historical seafaring.

As time went on, and the courts-the shop needed repair. And then it turned out that the extra money in the Treasury Corpus Christi not – and is not expected. On the court – for sure. And in 2014 was accepted Solomonovo the decision: “Santa Maria” and “Pinta” flood. And that was done.

So, it turns out for poor replicas it was the best option. In the pictures that we post are not them, and “niña”. In August 2017, when on the coast of Texas was hit by hurricane “Harvey,” she had already gone under the water. Barely raised.

And here on Monday the same thing happened. But without the hurricane. On exactly place. And that vessel is now, nobody knows.

“Ninu” sorry. Besides a gift.

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