“Russian heroes” – the winners of the Melges 20 World League!

Miami hosted the first stage of the Miami Winter Series-2019/20 of yachts Melges 20. At the same time it was the last – 15-minutes – step 2019 Melges 20 World League. And the winner of the World League of steel Russian Bogatyrs headed by Igor Bytovym!

This time the “Heroes” were in Miami in stock: Rytov, Konstantin Besputin and Valery Zatsarinsky – and was second with eight races in 24 points (with one outlier). The same points scored another yacht under the Russian flag – Nika Vladimir Prosikhin. This team became the winner of the stage.

Detailed results of the first stage Miami Winter Series-2019/20 –


As for the World League in the Melges 20 class, the resulting table, which we publish below, the results of the stage in Miami to turn in time. But the advantage of “Russian heroes” on the second prize-winner of the Italian Stig – overwhelming. 72 points! Greetings from Yacht Russia!

Detailed results 2019 Melges 20 World League –


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