Russians entered the top ten at the world championship in the Dragon class

Russian crews of three Annapurna (Anatoly Loginov / Vadim Statsenko / Alexander Shalagin) and Rocknrolla (Dmitry Samokhin / Andrey Kirilyuk / Jasper Harding (Jasper Harding)) took sixth and eighth places at the world championship in the Dragon class at the Australian Fremantle. Just the competition was attended by 34 teams from 10 countries.

Australian Jasper Harding was in the crew Rocknrolla almost by accident. Instead skotovi the team had to be Alex Bushuev, but at the last moment he could not come to Australia.

“There was consistency in the actions, well, in General, had difficulties in the technical elements. And the opponents were well-prepared and mistakes are not forgiven. So a high result show failed. But it was interesting. Once again proved how important team is and how important the training”, — commented Dmitry Samokhin.

World champion for the second consecutive time became the Turkish-British crew of Provezza. The team showed the best result and during the World Championship, and final round of the championship of Australia.

“The first world title was a dream, but this time is just magic for me. I’m here 40 days, I was practically “local”. I learned everything about the weather, and, again, we worked so hard creating this team, so practiced a lot. We won the Cup Prince Philip, and now the world Cup. To be honest, I was expecting a little more than a strong breeze here in Fremantle, but in the end we finished first and so happy!” said sheet Provezza Tasdemir Ali (Ali Tezdiker).

In 10 races that took place over the duration of the competition, Provezza four times the first and twice the second. There were, however, no unpleasant incident. The sixth start command, violated the rules of the competition, had to miss the judges ‘ decision.

Each of the Russian crews finished in the top three only twice: Annapurna was in third, and Rocknrolla on the second and third places.

Silver and bronze championship went to Louise from British Racing and Fever.

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