The second international mountaineering regatta will be held in Chechnya in July

The Cup on one of them is on the same lake at a height of 1870 meters above the sea level. This is one of the highest altitude regatta in the world. The first regatta was organized in 2017 and now, two years later, the competition resumed. This time, sailors will gather in Chechnya from 23 to 28 July and will go on monotypes SB20.

It is expected that the regatta, which will be held in the form of a Sailing League races with a change of crews, will take part more than 20 teams-fours, a third of which — representatives of foreign clubs. During the first competition in 2017 on one of them came 19 teams from 8 countries, including New Zealand and USA.

This year the winners will get a cash prize, a challenge Cup on one of them and watch Hamilton Khaki Navi Frogman.

To apply for participation in the competitions on the website of the sailing Federation of the Chechen Republic. The cost of team participation — 70-75 thousand rubles without regard to the Deposit (30 thousand) and the costs of accommodation, food and expenses on the way to Grozny. Applications are accepted only from teams, but the organizers are ready to recommend the skipper sailors who are single who want to participate in the regatta.

“I am pleased that the sailing competitions in Chechnya have become a tradition and the Cup on one of them once again bring together enthusiasts of sailing from all over the world and a huge number of tourists. This year we are preparing a separate program for all guests and residents of Chechnya and we will be happy to meet with sailing, unique nature, traditions of Chechnya and sports-tourism cluster “kezenoi Am”,” — said the head of the Ministry of the Chechen Republic in the tourism of the Muslim Baitaziyev.

Cultural, sports and educational events will be organized on the shore of the lake, and in Grozny.

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