"Beautiful boats – like women"

June 4, 2019

      "Beautiful boats – like women"
      A short, but very nice note, as well as a photo to it, was published by the popular sailing site www.sailingscuttlebutt.com. We decided to introduce you to this publication:

"Beautiful boats - like women"

Before you – 86-year-old Donald Street and his 88-year-old "Dragon". Straight claims that his "Dragon" is the oldest of those who still go out on the water, and he is the second oldest acting skipper of the "Dragons" in the world.

Next to the yacht is Trish, Street's wife.

Here is one of the veteran skipper’s statements about women and yachts:

– Beautiful boats, like women, require time, money and energy, only in this case, those and others are happy. Wooden "Dragons" are as sexually attractive as beautiful women. The “dragons” with a plastic case, I admit, are also beautiful, but their sexual attractiveness is like a refrigerator.

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