Like Express train!

Ended the sixth day of non-stop race around the world 40-meter Maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2. Skipper Ian Team and 11 members of his crew is clearly fortune smiles.

Yesterday morning, recall, Spindrift 2 reached the equator, since the line crossing the start/finish he needed (according to some data) in just 4 days, 19 hours and 57 minutes. It is almost a day faster than the current holder of the Jules Verne Trophy – Francis Guiana on IDEC-SPORT during his record attempt two years ago.

At the moment of crossing the equator the advantage of Spindrift 2 on the record chart IDEC-SPORT was about 180 nautical miles. And now (at 14.40 Moscow time) is already (feel the difference!) 484 miles! Where Guyana greatly slowed down the calm Equatorial strip, Guichard down the left, like on the Express train!

Now the speed of Spindrift 2 – 27.9 per node and the average since the start of the 24 site. That is 46 km/h. As we now say, inspires.

On the website of the world tour – – full of various information. There you can see who of the crew members now on the watch, and who is resting, what should we have for dinner (chicken in lemon sauce with lentils and rice, and pasta) and what is the wave height (1 meter).

But most importantly – it indicates what is the distance remaining until the finish of the race. Now it is 18 900 Maritime miles.

Good luck!

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