The plans of Guyana of 6 records

The recent winner of the transatlantic race Route du Rhum in the division Ultime –Francis Joyon – plans in late 2019 and early 2020 to install on the Maxi trimaran IDEC sport straight 6 records!

Traditionally, Guyon and its supporting IDEC GROUP agreed on a program of performances of famous skipper in the fall of 2019 beginning of 2020. This program is so large, what stands out about her to tell you briefly. So…

The attack on the first of the records will be held in September/ October, when Guyon will try to improve their own achievement on the route Lorient (France) – Port Louis (Mauritius island). In 2009, the crew of the trimaran IDEC 2 has covered the distance in 26 days, 4 hours and 13 minutes. Now, Guion intends to significantly improve this achievement.

Soon after, in November/ December 2019 it is planned to establish 4 record on the routes Mauritius – Singapore, Singapore – Vietnam (port finish yet to be specified), Vietnam – Shanghai, and finally Shanghai to Hong Kong. While the achievement of these routes are not fixed, but, in the opinion of Guiana and IDEC GROUP, things will change soon, because the sail is rapidly gaining popularity in Asia. So, it is not a sin to “stake out” the records for themselves.

It is worth to clarify that the international Council for registration of achievements of sail (WSSRC) records the records at any distance, if only the length was more than 200 miles. But! If this distance at a speed no one went, then the first achievement, it shows, not recorded as a “world record” and is written as automatic record. That, you see, has a slightly different meaning…

But in any case all this is nothing more than a prelude. Because in January/ February 2020, Guion intends to improve the achievement of the classic “Tea race” from Hong Kong to London. Recall now the record belongs to the Maserati Multi 70 trimaran with skipper Giovanni Soldini, who in February this year, overcame the distance in length 15083 nautical miles in 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and 2 seconds.

So, in the plans – just 6 records in six months. Busy schedule? More than. But you have to hurry, because Guyana Francis for 62 years. Time is running out…

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