“Battleship” opens a new season

2 March in Cape town launched the first ever 52 Super Series racing in the southern hemisphere. According to the results of two races held 52 SUPER SERIES in Cape Town 2020 team of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg “Battleship” occupies the fifth place of the standings with one coming in the top three.

The start of the official programme of the first visit of the 52 Super Series on the African continent were an excellent “sailing” weather. The first race was held in light winds, and by the start of the second race of the day the wind strengthened to 14-16 knots. And this despite the fact that the official training the day before was cancelled because of calm weather.

Interesting to have a configuration the distance of the competition. The line looked like close enough to the Mouila-point, which created additional difficulties for the navigators and tacticians teams. In fact, one side of the range was very limited.

It is not surprising that the victory in the first race of the celebrated host of the South African team Phoenix11 Hasso Platter.

For the crew of “Battleship” to open the season a good result is already a tradition. In June 2019 team won the first race of the first stage, which was a good prologue to future success. This year in the South African Cape town “Battleship” nearly managed to repeat the success: in the first race stage of the season, the team finished second.

In the second race the team under the Russian flag started with unfavorable left end of the starting line, and the ground around was fined. These factors nullified the chances of “Battleship” to succeed.

The sum of the two races held “Battleship” took the fifth place of the standings, consisting of ten teams. Competitions the first of two scheduled in Cape town stages of the 52 SUPER SERIES will run until March 6.

The early leader of the standings was Phoenix11. With minimal lag from the South African team are the winners of season 2019 and the Italian Azzurra team of the new York yacht club Sled.

Alex Fat
PR-Director of the Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg

The results of the first day

Odzala Discovery Camps 52 SUPER SERIES V&A Waterfront – Cape Town

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