Hope melted

June 14, 2019

      Hope melted

The organizers of the prestigious Yanmar Dragon Gold Cup 2019 regatta in the Dragon class, which ended today in Medemblik (Holland), did not manage to hold the sixth and final race. The wind was too weak.

Hope melted

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Thus, our hopes that the Russian dragonists will be able to “cling” to the medals have faded. Anatoly Loginov's RUS27 Annapurna remains fourth, Dmitry Samokhin's RUS76 Rocknrolla is the sixth. In eighth place is the Russian crew of the yacht Bunker Prince with skipper Yevgeny Braslavets, speaking under the Italian flag.

The "Golden Cup" went to the Portuguese POR84, led by Pedro Andrade. Congratulations to the winners of the regatta. But I so wanted to see ours on the podium …

Full regatta results –


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