In the sky above the Ob sea

From 27 November to 3 December in Novosibirsk hosted the jubilee, the 10th tournament snowkite and winter Windsurfing. According to the website of the WFTU, nearly a hundred athletes from 26 cities of Russia opened the winter season.

Colorful dome flying in the sky above the Ob sea the past week, adding color to the picture of the Siberian winter. Champions of Russia, Europe and the world, referees with international experience – all gathered in Novosibirsk to hold a Grand sporting event.

In discipline a course-flight, the organizers managed to hold the 11 races. Athletes have tested themselves and their equipment for durability in different weather conditions: low wind, in a Blizzard, in a comfortable temperature in extreme cold. Ob reservoir, too, every day was different: fluffy snow after a natural vagaries turned into the hard, sometimes icy coating. And in these constantly changing conditions the athletes showed all their experience and skill.

Freestyle competitions went pretty quickly: in the first two days there were races for men and some women, whose results become final. For those athletes who wanted to participate not only in racing but also in freestyle, jumps and stunts took time after the race.

Winter windsurfers together with kite surfers participated in almost all the races, including the marathon. Race length of 45 km was held on the last day of the competition and has become a real challenge for athletes is the added complexity of very low temperature. Participants drove a huge circle on the Ob sea and returned to the finish point. But to win this race was really difficult – not only for children but also for adults.

Children’s competition once again showed that adult athletes worthy change grows. No storm, no increased cold nor the wind, ready to pick up from the waters and carry away far beyond the horizon, did not stop the brave students. There were, of course, annoying bugs: the kite entangled at the start, go racing marks the first attempt does not always work, but in the end it all only added to the young participants experience and confidence.

On the last day of the “Cup of Siberia-2018” everyone could see the sled dog race, organized by the Federation of sleddog sports of Novosibirsk Cute husky sped through the snowy forest, sometimes from excess of speed, tilting the sled with the owner. And the passions in these competitions were no less than in the major competitions of the program.

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