The answer to the answer

The answer to the answer of the President of the WFTU V. N. Silkin

Good afternoon, Vladimir.

Well, finally, wait! For the first time in two years, You have responded to criticism of the activities of the WFTU and You personally as its President. You are still stoically did not pay attention to appeals to You, letters and offers to meet to discuss topical issues, publications, YACHT Russia, which analyzed the “success” You are leading the team on the results of sociological surveys, on which the credibility among the yachtsmen fell to a new low.

And no need of intriguing calls in Your “Reply to anonymous” because everything that is published on resource magazine, I am the only responsible, Senators Vasily Yurevich, publisher. You know it, but interassociate and try to introduce me to the mysterious person with unmet personal ambitions.

This is a primitive view of things. In fact, I am the founder and owner of Russia’s only sailing magazine and for 11 years, bear the professional responsibility to readers and the sailing community for the information published on its pages. You know very well my sailing biography, aware of those projects that was done, we even worked from 2012 to 2016 together in the Bureau of the WFTU. So what are these antics?

You also write that you know well and consider the true motives of my actions. It would be interesting at leisure to hear what You have in mind? Just don’t try to measure them with his scale of values. You, as a major official in the past, do not understand the true reasons of the actions of the private entrepreneur who created his business from scratch, used to earn and spend their money. You, unfortunately, is not given to Orient in the system of priorities of a person who believes in freedom and tries to achieve justice.

You are used to a strict hierarchy. Accustomed to the fact that the bosses are always right, and if You’re the boss, You’re right. You korezhit from all kinds of democratic principles that seem weak.

Actually, it is using hardware well learned techniques You and won elections in 2016, circled around the finger with the help of a professional trained leading several to believe You are candidate members of the Presidium, effectively assigning a list of acceptable group (loyal) people in the functional unit.

It was not a free election. However, Your minions were largely accidental and did not resist. So, left the country and actually left the Federation of the Italian master, which You were promised sport. Refused to international issues first Vice-President. Thus, they actually shifted both packs of these demanding questions, on Your shoulders, and now it’s Your turn to answer them and for them. There is another topic called “professional sport” was entrusted to a person who has absolutely no desire to engage in the sail something that goes beyond his personal involvement in the race. So You are left without a team. And the setbacks that have plagued the Federation and You personally are a consequence of its absence, and secretiveness management. I even feel sorry for You.

But go to the heart of Your response.

Quite lengthy this message aims to represent me as the person who wants a failure in Your work and has no other purpose than to cause trouble ryf. It depicts me as the enemy of all good deeds, which makes a hard Federation.

This is not so. Let’s move on to specific facts. The material that You call “provocative information spreading”, is actually a comment to the notes, which was published by the international sailing resources ahead of the conference, World Sailing. The fact that You tried to keep secret from the public, is an open secret. Information and correspondence on the claims of the Ukrainian sailing Federation contained on its site and partly on the website WS. And today the main informatively Russia picked up the theme. So do not enter to confuse readers. I understand that the WFTU came through You in a difficult situation that forced You personally, almost for the first time to do international business, moreover, for the first time to go to the annual conference WS that, of course, that is uncomfortable for You, because the circle of Your friends among the participants is extremely limited. Sailing involves a good knowledge of English, which You are not proficient with, and without which it is very difficult to conduct any negotiations and acquire supporters.

About harm of publication… Serious media merely reflect reality, offering the facts and not create preconditions to a dangerous situation like this. And do not blame the mirror. Once You read and quoted my comments on FB, I must honestly admit that I definitely respect the historic choice of the Crimean population, his decision to join the Russia, but it does not hide the concern about the possible exclusion of the WFTU from the WS and the catastrophic consequences of such actions. And don’t make me, nor my colleagues Bolshevik defeatist sample 1917. This quote from the Letter: “We, like all Russian sailors, of course, we wish our delegation good luck and want her to retain the membership of the WFTU in WS”. The journal reserves the right to continue to monitor closely the action of the WFTU, to prevent further rash steps. But Your understanding of critique is identical to provocation and name-calling.

Better answer to the question: what made You want to include national and national competitions in the Crimea in the Unified calendar, if You knew about the hysterical reaction of Kiev on this action and have received threatening letters? Thoughtlessness or a desire to outdo the Ukrainians? And maybe some obligations to the sponsors of the NPL, the failure of which threatens to result in major fines? And it is not necessary to write in this context of Patriotic cliches about the sailing history of the Crimea Soviet times, it looks pathetic and ridiculous. You do not have to it any relation.

When You start to Express Your version of the events of 2016, then cringe again. If you remember, in 2016, I was a member of the Presidium of the WFTU, posted there for the promotion of the sails and was the only Russian journalist accredited at the Olympic regatta. As soon as there was information that the name Paul appears in the report of McLaren, I immediately tried to contact You and the first Vice-President, who was responsible then for international relations. But during the day the staff of the Secretariat of the WFTU couldn’t find You or our colleague. Then I called the then President WS Carla Croce and asked him to protect sailing from doping charges (we all know that our sport is essentially clean), expressing confidence that the case with Sozykina some kind of mistake. Mr. Croce has accepted my arguments, called the IOC and received… “it failed” (we did not realize then that we are dealing with powerful and well-orchestrated campaign to demonize the Russian sports). Then You came and Skudina that remembered how I introduced her to some leading Swiss lawyers in 2012, when Catherine tried to protest the results of the Olympic regatta in Weymouth. The case began to develop on well-known scenario and led to the admission of Paul Sozykina for Games. I’m in this situation was one of nine donors who paid for the services of lawyers and glad to have made a modest contribution to the triumph of justice. So what the registry of merit are You implying?

Now, with respect to the Olympians. Fans of the sails remember that in the cycles of 2008 and 2012, the strongest crew of the team was female Yuengling, and then the team in a match-flight. In this and in other E. Skudina and her crew became Champions of Europe, won several world Cup stages.

Let me remind you that all these years I was a personal trainer Catherine and sponsored the first completely, and then in the greater part of its programme, and this assistance was calculated amounts that exceed the budget of the current team. This, incidentally, is well aware of the current coach of the national team, which raced in our crew.

Natasha definitely knows the reasons that stopped this talented and hard-working crew a step away from an Olympic medal. However, Ivanova’s Olympic experience has been very limited and could not be the key to its success as a head coach. It is, for example, nor the day not worked as a coach. And this “expert” You want to put on the team? I openly stated this at the closing session of the Bureau, however, Your desire to remove him from the national team, which was successful, but was dared to have my own opinions, was stronger than any reasonable arguments.

I don’t need to explain to You that the state of Affairs in the Russian team, given the background, can not fail to excite me, and is an important topic for the journal. You have not invested any of the funds that I spent and brought me sponsors and have no right to accuse me of malevolence, and especially sabotage.

Moreover, let me remind you that in 2012, enthusiasts from among the members of the Board of Trustees (and specifically, my brother Michael and Victor Fogelson) began work on the support class “Finn”, has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and asked You to include their program in terms of preparing for Games. How do You react to this initiative? Outsource all of the then head coach, who, like the present, the position was great on several dimensions, and he took it and the program was closed. Without explanation. Think of basic ignorance and jealousy. And then, when his incompetence and train bad habits began to cut the eyes for all the members of the Bureau, You gave him leave to retire to in less than a year before the Olympics start frantically looking for someone in the firing, in fact, position. I had to be passionate personality to decide to take responsibility for the team in those conditions. Fedorov was not afraid. How You thanked her? And may I remind you that the job of the head coach in that year, paid not a Federation, but Your humble servant, together with Mr. Fogelson.

And that’s all You mean “harm the development of our sport”? Yes, as You turn the language, Vladimir Nikolaevich! It is clear that such attitude towards people, many members of the Board of Trustees just walked away from it, besides, without having You in 2014 a clear report on the expenditure of funds that was essentially wasted. It is You, Vladimir, are actually to blame for the fact that the Board of Trustees has been reduced by half. But not You want.

It is the concern about the situation in the national team, the results of which are going downward, forces us to follow closely the developments. Conquest Stephanie eluting the first in the last 20 years medals at the Olympics was a real and unexpected gift for boaters in the country. Unexpected, because her ride Game was held contrary to the position of the then curator of the high performance sport.

This medal has revived hopes that Russia will return to the main sail. And it is sad to see how this capital is spent. The success of Stephanie for the second year trying to monetize its trainers. As a result, athletes were too busy speaking schedule. She does not have time to recover. Hence the sad result in Aarhus.

You really believe the success of conquering one of the last licenses the leader of the international class? This is nothing more than a mandatory exercise to master this level. We’re waiting for Stephanie not travel to the Game, and return with a medal. It is because of Your bungling in the Crimean history, this trip will be canceled.

And finally, a controversial topic: the national sailing League. I know how, by whom, when and where was created this format of racing. And distinctly understand, than domestic derivative differs from the original intent. First, in the world League is the national club competition. In the Euroleague are the strongest clubs of the participating countries. Each club has the right to send only one team to participate in its composition – the honorary right of the strongest athletes of the club, chosen by the Council. In these commands, there is no place for hired professionals, there is no precedent for the participation of two or more teams from one club. No one owns the teams, no one pays anyone of the crew members. And certainly not involved athletes from other countries.

All these rules are not written for the Russian NPL. But this is, in fact, not scary. After all, the League isn’t national, but private commercial project, which is run by the same company. We, like most Russian sailors considered it that way, with all its advances and costs. You allot NPL priority role in the sailing life of the country. This is clearly evidenced by the balance of materials on the website of the WFTU, Your triumphant, personal involvement in all regattas, blatant lobbying at all levels. You actively look for and even find sponsors for this competition. Perhaps the team would have more success if You and Your subordinates (and do not say that You are not wasting the resources of the Federation on this project since the time of the Secretariat staff, rent their business premises, it is also a resource ryf) with the same zeal created marketing projects on the basis of the team. You turn a blind eye to the fact that the team are distracted by the race in NPL and in default of their training plans, and subordinate coaches You deduct while talented athletes for far smaller faults, which have caused the complaint up to the letters to the President of Russia.

You write that you have started a charitable program of the League for children. This is commendable. Although far easier to give the child candy, than to invest in the creation of the club or to defend “impact” in the section on the part of developers or local authorities. As a result of serious systematic work on the development of sailing in the country is replaced by the varnished pictures of very short, specific races that give the wrong impression to neophytes about the real nature of the adult sailing competition, turn a serious sport into the show. And instead of clubs, the Federation breeds professional team. I can easily imagine the future of this program with similar ideology, she just quietly die after You and a few of the beneficiaries of the League (by the way, don’t let the sailing community, who are they?) enough of it.

While I agree with You that it is more useful to broadcast a beautiful picture with sails than a scuffle.

We once tried to write an objective material on the pros and cons of the Sailing League, but met with a complete reluctance to provide statistical information from the administrators of this project. And with eye to eye Your employees don’t hide that they are forbidden to communicate with employees of the magazine. Which in NPL’s got something to hide?

In short, Vladimir Nikolaevich, do not shift problems and decide, with Your guidance, with the blame on others. Look, if you can, critically where and with whom is ryf, listen to what he thinks about all of this sailing community, and not narrow the circle of Your associates. You is the fourth President of the Federation, in which the magazine is issued. And obviously not the last.

I have the honor,
Vasily Senatorov,
Publisher of YACHT Russia

PS And the PostScript about Rodion Luka. He was not the main hero of our Open letter. And I’m ready to apologize to the judge, if you made a mistake about his participation in the NPL, but on the condition that he will honestly list regatta the last three years in which he raced in part of the Russian crews, hiding from compatriots under pseudonyms. I have in mind does not fit that of the famous yachtsman, caressed in Russia is a hard campaign for the exclusion of our country from the Global sails. Here You have written that I respect Luca, meanwhile, the great Russian writers, but that the writers of the Bible have long given a precise designation of such behavior. But everyone chooses to be friends with anyone.

* * *

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