“Warriors” on a par with the leader

April 27, 2019

      "Warriors" on a par with the leader
      In the town of Villasimius on the southeast coast of Sardinia, the first stage of the European division of the World League started in the class of yachts Melges 20.

"Warriors" on a par with the leader

21 teams take part in the regatta, including 7 under the Russian flag. On Friday, there were 3 races.

According to their results, the Italians in Fremitod’arja are in front of 13 points, the parishes are 6–1–6. The same number of points are now ranked second by the Russian Bogatyrs Igor Rytov (Anton Sergeev, Konstantin Besputin), the parishes 4–7–2.

The top ten also includes Pirogovo Sailing Alexander Yezhkov (5th place, 17 points) and Nika Vladimir Prosykhin (8th place, 30 points).

First day results –


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