It was the case in Takapuna

In January, competitions among yachtsmen traditionally little. This, of course, a minus for news of the sailing of the resource.

© Richard Gladwell

But on the other hand, there are plus you can talk about the regatta, which is a more full-bodied the start time, it is unlikely us would be interested. For the simple reason that the Russians are in it, alas, is not involved. Already that year.

Talking about the world championship catamaran “Tornado”, which recently ended in the suburbs of the new Zealand Auckland – Takapuna. In the race participated 23 crew from 8 countries, and the gold eventually went to the Australians Brett Burville and max Putman. They – in the first picture.

New Zealand, needless to say, far away, and because the participants were relatively few. In other years, of course, more especially when the world championship is carried out in Europe. But then the regatta is held without the Russians. Which is sad. Once the catamaran “Tornado” was popular with us – in those not so distant days when they were present in the Olympic program.

Now it only remains to consider pictures from Takapuna. The fight was there, apparently, was hot.

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