Black Cat Boats – fishing and increased comfort

Checked: fantasy will lead you where you want to go. Once three Finnish anglers and water recreation Mikko Sääskilahti, Kaisa Jeminen and Teemu Karjalainen wondered why all the existing fishing boats are monotonous? Why do manufacturers keep to the fore only the performance and compliance of the boat, her main purpose – fishing, at the same time, about the fishermen – their comfort and emotional state – they think only in the last instance?

One thought generated another, and now the light appears not just a collection of sketches and large-scale project called Black Cat Boats. The first step for the developers was to create a database. To ensure best stability of the ship was double-hulled – not a boat, not a pontoon, but as the material chosen for the traditional fishing of small size vessels, practical and durable aluminium.

Amidships stands on a cube with tinted glass walls. This salon, with comfortable chairs, floors with carpet, table and refrigerator. On the roof and on each side is equipped with solar panels, generating up to 560 W of energy will be enough to provide you with light, music, warmth and hot coffee. On the foredeck and the aft two open areas – for fishing or, again, to have a great time with friends.

Moves unusual m the tool with a outboard motor ranging from 30 to 90 HP – diesel or electric. According to the buyer’s vessel can be a catamaran (length of 6.4 metres), and tri – (length 7.2 meters). In either case, its width will be 2.4 meters, a displacement of 1200 kg.

Project Black Cat Boats launched less than a year ago – too short a period to judge its success. However, at least two of these boats already built. Information about them can be found on the website


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