Princess Sofia Cup: Day Three

April 4, 2019

      Princess Sofia Cup: Day Three
      In contrast to the first two days of competition, continuing in Mallorca, the morning breeze blew a little harder on Wednesday, and the start of the first races was given on time, reports Yacht Russia special correspondent Anton Shibaev.

Princess Sofia Cup: Day Three

© Anton Shibaev and Jesus Renedo

Exactly at 10 am, the signal masts of the Club Nautico s’Arenal yacht club, where 470, 49er, RS: X and the Finns are based, flew class flags, and the athletes reached for the water.

Palma Bay is divided into several racing zones, and, despite the short distances, the wind in them can be very different – both in strength and in direction. Thus, in the zone of the start of the "seventy" the wind fell and blew from the south with a force of hardly more than 5 knots. In addition to this – the wave that came from the sea.

Such a combination of wave and light wind is very unprofitable for Pavel Sozykin and Denis Gribanov. And, unfortunately, it affected the results. In two races of the day, the leaders of our team finished in the second half of the “golden” fleet – the 34th and 23rd parishes – which greatly affected the place in the final protocol. We will hope that today the guys will be able to win back the lost opportunities.

The second male crew – Christian Cech and Viktor Tarasov – was already racing in the “silver” fleet: they have 11th and 24th parishes and the final 56th place.

Alisa Kirilyuk and Angelika Chernyakhovskaya had the best parish today in the third race – 16th place. The result – the 28th line in the standings.

In the 49er class, the crew of Jan Čech and Ivan Zotov performed excellently, finishing in 4th and 9th places in the first two races and winning in the final! The guys started a little closer to the shore, and, according to Yana, they had a barrel of 10-15 knots, which allowed them to develop excellent speed.

Three races were held in their group, which is enough to complete the qualification and division into gold, silver and bronze fleets. The first 25 crews will continue to fight for the victory, and I am glad that our athletes have excellent chances. Now they are in 6th place, with only three points separate them from the third.

Accepting well-deserved congratulations, Yang remarked: “It’s too early to congratulate, we still lack stability. But we have fulfilled the goals set for this regatta. The task was to enter the "golden" fleet, and we did it. Then we will try to stay in the top ten. ”

Good luck!

Here are those who are in the lead now, and the places of the Russians.

470 (men). (after 6 races). 1. Anton Dahlberg / Fredrik Bergström (Sweden) – 23 points (with one shot). …nineteen. Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov – 54. (Silver Fleet). 56. Christian Cech / Victor Tarasov – 116.

470 (women). (after 6 races). 1. Camille Lecuntre / Alois Retorn (France) – 18 points (with one shot). … 28. Alisa Kirilyuk / Angelica Chernyakhovskaya – 112.

49er. (after 6 races). 1. Dylan Fletcher / Stuart Betell (Great Britain) – 14 points (with one shot). … 6. Jan Cech / Ivan Zotov – 24. … 74. Konstantin Nosov / Alexander Gaydayenko – 108.

49erFX. (after 8 races). 1. Charlotte Dobson / Saskia Tidy (United Kingdom) – 23 points (with one shot). (Silver Fleet). 42. Zoya Novikova / Diana Sabirova – 145.

Finn. (after 6 races). 1. Andrew Maloney (New Zealand) – 10 points (with one shot). … 34. Vladimir Krutskikh – 94. 35. Arkady Kistanov – 100. (Silver Fleet). 51. Mikhail Yatsun – 94. … 85. Yury Polovinkin – 193.

Laser. (after 6 races). 1. Herman Tomasgord (Norway) – 18 points (with one shot). … 22. Sergey Komissarov – 64. … 47. Maxim Nikolaev – 111. (Silver Fleet). 64. Daniil Krutskikh – 71. … 103. Dmitry Bondarenko – 155. … 131. Kirill Evfimievsky – 140.

Laser Radial. (after 6 races). 1. Anne-Marie Rindom (Denmark) – 9 points (with one shot). … 38. Maria Kislukhina – 107. … 41. Ekaterina Zyuzina – 114. … 56. Valeria Lomatchenko – 157. (Silver Fleet). 77. Catherine Morgun – 138. … 88. Catherine Bereza – 166. … 99. Ekaterina Guseva – 194.

Nacra 17. (after 9 races). 1. Jason Waterhouse / Lisa Darmanin (Australia) – 34 points (with one shot). (Silver Fleet). 34. Maxim Semenov / Alina Schetinkina – 97. … 52. Sergey Dzhienbayev / Sofia Kiseleva – 172.

RS: X (men). (after 6 races). 1. Mateo Sanz Lanz (Switzerland) – 16 points (with one shot). …five. Evgeny Ayvazyan – 50. 6. Vladislav Burmistrenko – 52. … 13. Alexander Askerov – 63. … 22. Maxim Tokarev – 117.

RS: X (women). (after 6 races). 1. Yue Tang (China) – 19 points (with one shot). … 21. Maria Lemenkova – 96.

Full results –

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