Russian Bogatyrs while second

April 5, 2019

      Russian Bogatyrs while second
      After the first day of the world championship in the Melges 20 yacht class, which started in Miami, Igor Rytov’s Russian Bogatyrs (Konstantin Besputin, Anton Sergeev) rank second in the table.

Russian Bogatyrs while second

According to the results of two races, Russian Bogatyrs (RUS 898) scored 7 points (in their account, the 3rd and 4th parishes). Ahead with three points (2nd and 1st parishes) American Kuai team (USA7676) skipper Daniel Tilman.

Another team under the Russian flag – “Nika” Vladimir Prosikhina – was let down by the second race. With the 4th and 17th parishes, Nika (RUS309) still holds the unusual 9th ​​place in the fleet of 22 teams. It remains to hope that in the end the result of the second race will go to "Nicky" to release.

Full results of the first day of the World Cup –

153 April 5, 2019 # 8895

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