Elfutina – and all-all-all

April 11, 2019

      Elfutina – and all-all-all
      For two days of the Open Championship of Europe in windsurfing in the class RS: X, held in Mallorca, managed to hold on 5 races – both women and men.

Elfutina - and all-all-all

Let's start with women – first of all, because many fans waited for Stephania Elfutina’s speeches with special interest. Nothing surprising: the bronze medalist of the 2016 Olympics in Rio for six months did not go to the start of official competitions.

This is what Natalia Ivanova, the head coach of the Russian national team, said in an interview about this before the start of the European Championship (in an interview with rusyf.ru):

– In Mallorca, Elfutina should roll in and show what she is capable of at the moment. The athlete had a rather long break due to health. Now Stefa is recovering, and we, of course, do not set tasks for her at the very beginning of the season to jerk. As far as health and a small run-up are enough, it will perform so much. Stefania will show herself where the current season begins. Already after this regatta, she will quietly prepare for the World Championships in Torbole, which will be held in September. ”

Well, after five races Elfutina in the European Championship standings takes the 9th place (and 11th in the overall standings). A good start with a half year pass!

Two other Russian representatives – Anna Khvorikova and Maria Lemenkova – now occupy 38/52 and 46/70 places, respectively.

The representative of France Charlene Picon is leading in women.

Our men have a sad situation. After the successful performance of Vladislav Burmistrenko and Alexander Askerov at the recent “Princess Sophia”, where they took the fifth and sixth places, I would like to hope that in “Europe” both will not be extras. Although it was clear that most of the windsurfing leaders preferred to miss the “Princess”, concentrating on preparing for the European Championship.

And yet, we confess, we did not expect that after five races Askerov would be on 41/49, and Burmistrenko on 48/58 places. The rest of our guys, of course, are even lower: Yevgeny Ayvazyan – 54/66, Maxim Tokarev – 66/83, Ilya Kirichuk – 72/92.

The leader in men is also the representative of France – Luis Zhiar.

Do not forget about the tournament boys. Israelis dominate here (seven of them among the first 15). As for the Russians, after six races Artem Akimov is at 33/35 place, Anton Tokarev – at 50/54, and Mikhail Alexandrov – at 55/60.

Full results –



Here are the details provided by the press service of the Krestovsky Island Sailing School. Much becomes clear:

“On the day before the start of the competition, Vlad Burmistrenko's temperature rose to 40 degrees,” said trainer Maxim Oberemko. – They did not understand the reason. Nobody has anything like it – everyone is isolated from society. Only then it turned out that Natalia Ivanova, the head coach of the national team, also became ill …

Vlad could not even move freely over land – he fell. With difficulty I went up two floors to the doctor of the national team. She did what she could. They took antibiotics. Long thought what to do with the start. We agreed that we will make a decision on the day of the race, depending on what the condition will be plus the desire of the athlete. I went to the water to the women's distance – there starts three and a half hours earlier, Vlad remained on the shore. Constantly called up. Came at a distance: it is incoherent, pupils blurred. I think, once he came, let him take the start, and then send him home or take him on a boat …

During the first pre-start procedure, Vlad fell three times. Including one minute before the start. Started … I am looking for him at the end of the fleet, and he turns out to be the fifteenth. Finished in the first half. All pale. I say: sit down, let's go home. He sat and drank sweetie: Coca-Cola – our main drink in such situations, invigorating, resulting in feelings. It has a lot of sugar, it helps a lot. Look: turned pink. I say: "Well, go to the beach!". “Which shore? I will go to the race! ”I was shocked by his willpower …

I tried to fight. And came even better. I did not understand how he does it … At the end of the first day I was above all Russians.

On the beach continued treatment. The second day of antibiotics. It seems to be better. True, neither arm nor leg can lift normally anyway. But the second day was driven away. Forces, of course, was not, but did everything he could. As a result, only 8 points were not enough for the gold fleet.

Today, weakness is still present, but already better. Antibiotics will no longer be taken. In the silver fleet we include the training mode. Here it happens. It seems to be with the materiel on "Princess Sophia" figured out, did what they wanted, but health failed …

Anna Khvorikova also did not get into the golden fleet, now she is in 52nd place. On the first day, there was “confusion and vacillation.” When I started working with her, it seemed to me that she was not at all ready for this level of starts. But yesterday, in my opinion, made a breakthrough, gave hope.

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