Right: a disabled veteran of Afghanistan alone, traveling on a boat

Briton Craig Voodoo (Craig Wood) — 27 and he alone travels the world on his 14-metre boat “Sirius”. This story would have been very ordinary, if on 30 July 2009, when the young man was 18, while serving in Afghanistan, his patrol was blown up by a bomb. In the hospital in Birmingham (UK), where he had been wounded, wood 14 days was in a coma and the doctors said that the chances of survival is 50-50. He amputated both legs and left hand and made a dozen operations on his face.

During the rehabilitation of the wood was visited by the wife of the heir to the British throne Prince Charles, Duchess Camilla Cornell. The young man promised her that there will be able to walk again. And kept his promise. To learn to use prostheses, it took him eight months. Four and a half years he spent on it to fully recover.

From April 2017 at its most ordinary boat he sails the sea, enjoying life, and wants to cross the ocean to reach North and South America. Wood’s family supports his coming for the summer, and the rest of the time watching him in Facebook. According to him, life has a meaning to him.

“For the most part my life is not a struggle. Do not fight because I did this to her. There is some specificity, but to move around the boat very easy. My life is comfortable and complete. I’m happy on the boat,” says wood.

When Voodoo have to do something with two hands, he just finds someone on another boat and asks for help.

He coped with the trauma and now invites you to his boat other veterans to help find peace of mind and they.

“Damn a lot of people think about suicide. I made a post in Facebook a few months ago in which he invited them aboard. A bit of escapism even useful, especially if it clears the brain. One of the lads said recently that he is a year did not laugh. People suffer without a purpose. The boat is my goal and my life now. When people have no goals, they can begin to roll downhill,” says wood.

Next year the young man is planning to publish a book “Less than 10 degrees”. It was written by a close friend of wood. The book will contain Maritime history wood. So he is going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the bombing in Afghanistan, forever changed his life.

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