Bavaria will revive the brand Nautitech

French manufacturer of boats Catamarans Bavaria revives the famous brand Nautitech. The decision was made by the new owners.

Last week the delegates of the investment Fund CMP Capital Management-Partners, recently became the new owner of Bavaria Yachtbau Bavaria and Catamarans, met with representatives of the shipyard in the French Rochefort, where the construction of catamarans to discuss the future of the subsidiary.

“The name Bavaria – yachts, Nautitech – catamarans”, – verdict the new managing Director of Bavaria by Ralph (Ralph Kudla).

As the head of the Department for restructuring, by also responsible for the French division of Bavaria. In a statement made for the press and announced on Wednesday, he added: “We believe it is important that both companies could even more important to give the search for its identity in the future.”

as the brand “BAVARIA CATAMARANS” will cease to exist.

New management does not believe that in the world of mnogoyarusnyi brand Bavaria as a charismatic as having traditions of Bavaria.

In 2018 French “daughter” of Bavaria made 75 Multihull yachts. With about 30 orders added, when there was the September acquisition by CMP. In the difficult period after the sudden bankruptcy of the company, the shipbuilder continued to produce boats without having the investor and simultaneously receiving a new application, whose number reached triple digits. Now they are enforceable.

Overall, according to the Association of marine industries of France, the French shipyards launched a total of 718 catamarans in the amount of 333 million euros, 35% more than in the previous year.

About 90% of the world mnogoyarusnyi built in the West of France, between Lorient and Bordeaux.

Nautitech can produce up to 100 catamarans per year at the current plot area of 7000 sq. m. According to the company, to meet demand will need to expand the production area and almost double its office space. With the support of local and regional officials “Bavaria” exploring the possibility of production expansion outside of Rochefort, of the commercial port with direct access to the sea.

“Bavaria proves his right to create a new navigation-Maritime cluster in New Aquitaine , together with our partners. This infrastructure project will be a generator of economic development in our region,” said hervé Blanchet (Hervé Blanché), the mayor of Rochefort.

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