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Motor yacht Pershing brand, part of the holding of the Ferretti Group has always stood out from the rest. Built from composite materials, they compare favorably with those typical of external forms and stylish interiors, bold engineering solutions, and (probably most important) high speed.

It is the latter quality suggested as early as 1985, the name Pershing (a reference to the ballistic missile): it got the first fast boat Pershing 45, which launched a promising lineup. It was created with the participation of the then young designer Fulvio de Simoni, which is still collaborates with the brand. The latest work of the venerable yacht designer designed together with the Committee for strategic research and engineering Department of the Ferretti Group motor yacht Pershing 8X, which premiered at the boot Düsseldorf. We went on Board, together with representatives of the company “Avilon Aura Yachts”, exclusive dealer for Pershing in Russia.

What do we see?

Outside Pershing 8X continues the architectural style adopted by the latest yachts brand, in particular in the form shown in Cannes in 2017 Pershing 9X. The boat is distinguished by a sporty, dynamic lines that are defined and taste of the artist, and the laws of aerodynamics. And, of course, anyone will say “wings” of the superstructure in the cockpit — characteristic stylistic element of the brand, which is called wings new era Pershing. But if Pershing 9X they serve mainly aesthetic purposes, the wing on the port side is a support for the teak steps ladder to the sun deck.

  • Spiral ladder to flybridge. Cockpit located mobile grill and sink, aisles arranged in various lockers

Every brand their terminological preferences. Pershing 8X not belong to SportFly, although the sun deck — upper deck with an area of 15 square meters, not very noticeable in profile, where there is a control room with a lowered dashboard, a giant sunbed in the stern, loveseat, Yes, you can put a large wetbar, I would call sportbridge.

Big cockpit seats huge sun lounger to relax under the sun, a sofa, a table with electric actuator: lower it, get another place for lying down… No, not under the sun: this part of the deck covered by an overhang of the superstructure. And under beds is a garage where to put the 345 Williams Sportjet tender and jetski.

Another outdoor area — fordek is also quite functional: anatomic-“the Solarium”, a sofa, lockers, inscribed in the design of the superstructure. And all the space you can cover, bimini or awning.

Inside — salon. He I’m delighted, but not surprised: something like what I was expecting. Spacious room with large side Windows, bright, airy, with low sleek furniture.It is logically divided into control, dining area and sitting area. To starboard a large C shaped sofa opposite and a cupboard with TV-panel, retractable with swivel mechanism. Dining area includes table for eight people, the aisles are arranged lockers, wheelhouse has doors on sides for access to the deck.

Helm station in leather and PCM were analyzed — an ode to design, the optimal combination of aesthetics and technology! Three cool chairs, two large console MFD (24″) and two built-in, a little keys. Huge windshield special hardening without racks gives a good overview, and upstairs — sliding roof of tinted glass.

The cabins on the lower deck is a ladder from the wheelhouse. In the owner’s cabin at midship (from side to side, 20 sq. m) in the center is a large bed (1,8 m x 2 m), a dressing room, chaise longue and dressing table, your head. A further two double guest cabins with an additional upper berth located on the sides and in the bow, VIP cabin, also with his head. Interestingly, pre-looking version of the plan with the salon instead of one of the side cabins. In areas not closely — height below two meters, and the style of the decoration is sustained in the General spirit of interior design.

For convenience, the yacht owner and his guests the kitchen is located aft bulkhead in the master cabin, accessed via a ladder from the salon. This decision I’ve seen on Pershing 9X. Nearby, behind a glass sliding door are the crew quarters — two cabins with shared head/shower. Further aft is the engine compartment. The adopted layout ensures that the sounds of running machinery would not disturb the passengers of the yacht.

What caused the emergence of Pershing 8X if the 9X line of Pershing close length and with a similar layout?

Pershing 8X replaced the model, the Pershing 82, which has established itself as one of the most powerful and luxurious yachts line. The new model, supporting common with the flagship of the Pershing 9X style, got integrated into the superstructure of the famous wings that are part of the brand’s DNA. The name Pershing 8X also fits into the logic of the model range.

In this model, carbon fiber has found a wider application than before?

Yes. Not coincidentally Pershing 8X is accompanied by the slogan “Carbon revolution”. The yacht is built of carbon fiber is very promising in the yachting industry material, and it is much more than a model, the Pershing 82. Carbon made a significant part of the hull and superstructure, bulkheads, fuel tanks. Attractive properties of carbon fiber — low weight, high stiffness and strength. Hence, the high speed of the yacht, and reduce fuel consumption, and increase living space.

What exclusive materials were used in interior decoration?

General Pershing — yacht-male because of the appearance, of high power, speed. The owner is always the center of attention in any Marina in the world. Each model of the brand is an example of style that emphasize and finishing materials. The special charm of the interior gives 8X genuine leather top-made by Poltrona Frau, fabrics from the famous Italian fashion houses, natural wood for furniture, wall panels and ceilings. Deck in salon and cabins can be lined with different shades of oak, the bathrooms are finished in limestone, Venetian mosaics and Carrara marble. On open decks used high-quality teak.

What is Music Hull on Board Pershing 8X and how it works?

So the Ferretti Group engineers and Videoworks called the body with the integrated speaker system broadcasts music to those who are awash and even immersed diving next to the boat. And the sound quality is such that you are unlikely to encounter anything similar from other brands. The remote control via the infotainment system VOTIS, can be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

Will there be a new model to this sporty range?

It is a secret, but we expect a very successful yacht Pershing 62, 70, 74 and 108 over time, will also get carbon fiber body, new design, latest technology and planning solutions in the style of the line H.

I know!

Motor installation for Pershing 8X — paired MTU16V 2000 M96 at 2435 HP MTU 2000 or 6V M96L at 2638 HP, drives the shafts on the swivel with a half-sunk propellers. Maximum speed in first version — 45 knots cruising, 38 knots; cruising range is 320 miles. Other engines standing on the building № 1, should disperse Pershing 8X up to 48 knots and more. These are the figures accurate value of the speed, fuel consumption and cruising range will be obtained during the tests. Although, I suppose the accuracy of calculations of the minimum: being at the shipyard in Mondolfo Italian, I saw on the computers simulated the dynamics of body motion in water, and the results consistently showed high convergence.

In respect of seaworthiness, in addition to RCD category A (Ocean), note increased compared to the Pershing 9X deadrise at the transom. Here it is 20° (as against 12.5°), which should mitigate shock loads when you turn on the wave.

Pershing — innovative brand: to achieve the goals in the design or engineering of the shipyard is actively implementing new technologies. On large yachts to speed not afraid to use aviation gas turbine, and shaft drives with partially submerged propellers have become the trademark Pershing.

Applied on Pershing 8X and driven electrohydraulic drive the Italian company’s Top System (TS95P for a basic motor installation and TS100 — optional) conceptually similar to the Arneson drive (USA). Its advantages:
• lower high at extreme speeds the hydrodynamic resistance of the protruding parts (shafts, brackets, rudders);
• increase the efficiency of the propeller by superkawaiimama screws and lack of tilt shafts;
• the ability to move the engines to the transom and increase the usable volume;
• decrease in precipitation (screws not protruding beyond the dimensions of the enclosure).

The difference is in the design and increased the angles of the rudder shaft in a vertical plane (13° and down 7° up) that allows you to control trim without trim tabs or interceptors. Relining in the horizontal plane of ±15°.

As an option on the boat is automatically EasySet system that manages the trim depending on ship speed (engine rpm), which at any moment can take under manual control. Integration management and interface between the engines and the drives supported by the system Naviop-LOOP Simrad navigation and monitoring on-Board systems. All need the captain’s information is displayed on the monitors of the control tower.

Also on the ship applied joystick control already common on boats with transom/bottom speakers and yet innovative shaft drive with a half-sunk screws. In addition to the high maneuverability of the vessel in narrow waters and crowded marinas (we were shown a video where the boat takes place virtually on the spot), ease of operating the joystick, it has a dynamic positioning system. Her yacht will remain strictly at the point, even when the wind is strong and the flow is a useful quality when docking, waiting for refueling or opening the lock gates on the river (although a boat like the Pershing 8X, and a sea should be enough!).

What’s next?

To this question more difficult to answer. What Pershing 8X will be a success, no doubt: it was clear in düsseldorf for an influx of visitors for the premiere model. It is also clear that the range of the yacht with the index “X” will be developed further: now, in addition to Pershing 8X, it includes 5X and 9X. Manufacturers will continue to look for unusual architectural forms, to introduce prospective engineering solutions, using new materials, develop efficient production technologies. Here Pershing holds an advantageous position. But here it is: what findings, what materials, what technology, I don’t know. As they say, would know prikup — would live on Pershing 8X in warm seas.

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