The Japanese corrected

Six months ago, the international Federation sail – World Sailing sharply negative comments about the preparation of the organizers of the Tokyo Games in 2020 to the Olympic sailing regatta. But now, according to the same Federation, most of the problems no longer seem so acute.

In April this year in World Sailing was emphasized that preparations for the regatta-2020 lags behind for at least a year. Of particular concern to the international Federation called at the time outstanding planning competitions and provide a good bond and security sailors during the Games.

In addition, the Olympic organizing Committee could not establish cooperation with numerous fishing cooperatives and individual fishermen, which is the island of Enoshima and Sagami Bay, 50 kilometers from Tokyo to the traditional fishing ground.

And now, according to Reuters, most of the problems pointed to World Sailing, solved or, at least, the case has significantly changed for the better. As evidenced by the results of the world Cup, held on Enoshima in September.

Changed the tone of the official representatives of World Sailing. One of them said:
“Although there still was a huge amount of preparatory work, it is already clear that the organizing Committee Tokyo 2020 will provide a great Olympic sailing competition”.

Apparently, the fishermen finally agreed.

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