Cox Powertrain has introduced the world’s most powerful diesel outboard motor

The British company Cox Powertrain showcased FLIBS (Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show) a working prototype outboard motor CXO300. The world’s first diesel outboard engine with a power of 300 HP the Exhibition was held in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) from 31 October to 4 November.

The eight-cylinder four-stroke CXO300 weighs only 375 lbs. engine displacement of 4.4 L. Also it is equipped with a double turbine.

According to the creators, CXO300 at least 25% more economical than their gasoline counterparts. It is expected that he will be able to serve up to three times longer than gasoline engines of comparable power.

The motor was developed in accordance with the plan of NATO to replace gasoline engines with diesel.

Price new from Cox Powertrain a little more than $46 000. But, as assure of the company, thanks to the efficiency, durability and rare engine maintenance customers will be able over its lifetime to save the amount of three times more. Compared to a gasoline engine, CXO300 can work without additional diagnostic longer to 1200 hours.

The engine will be available in white and black design. On the manufacturer’s website is already available the record for a test drive. Cox Powertrain distributor in Russia acts TBC Corporation. Worldwide company has around 400 dealers.

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