“Laser” will change the name!

Scandal between the International Association of class Laser (ILCA) and the largest producer of yachts in this class – a company Laser Performance (Europe) Limited – continues to grow.

Recall that in late March, ILCA made an official statement: international Association stops any cooperation with the Laser Performance and is urgently seeking someone to replace her. It was stressed that the decision was taken due to the fact that the company refused to allow its shipyard inspectors ILCA. Thereby been violated the terms of the agreement with ILCA, which have provided the identity of the ships of the class “Laser”.

All the days that followed, the international Association and Laser Performance so exchanged prickly statements that soon became clear: the two sides are more than determined, and any compromise between them can not be considered.

It should be noted that the Laser Performance (Europe) Limited, located in UK, not just “the largest manufacturer of” yachts in this class. It is almost a monopoly because the company owns 85 per cent (!) of the world market. According to some, it was built 215 thousand yachts!

Before the start of the conflict, Laser Performance was the rights granted to the same ILCA, production and sale of “Lasers” and accessories in the world. The exceptions were only 4 countries – Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea. Besides, it so happened that Laser Performance owns the commercial rights to the brand under the name “Laser” in the world (with the exception of the same four countries).

And now – a complete break of cooperation. ILCA, as has been said, is urgently seeking someone to replace former partner, now the main enemy. Moreover, the words expressing the hope that sometime in the future it would be nice to sign with Laser Performance the new agreement, ILCA is trying to annoy the company to the maximum.

So, the international Association has announced that it intends to change the class name so that in the near future on the official regattas involved only yacht here new name. The “Lasers” category of the previously defined term, will be entitled to participate in such regattas, but the new built Laser Performance after the break with the ILCA.

In other words, it will turn out that there will be two classes… the same yacht! Can would recently believe in something like that? And in the future will be to evolve?

Will follow.

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