From island to island

Tonight at the Antigua Yacht Club, Antigua, will start the first of the 600-mile race of the year – THE Caribbean 600.

The specifics of this race is that the route winds between the 11th to the Caribbean Islands. That’s what yesterday told specifically to Yacht Russia Igor Zaretskiy, who took part in THE Caribbean 600 a few times (he honestly admitted that he doesn’t remember – three or four times):

“Islands, among which is the race, can significantly affect the strength of the wind. This is especially manifested in Guadeloupe, skirting which, rotated 180 degrees. When approaching it from the North always wondering how best to pass on the West side (at a constant East wind) is closer to shore or seaward. Here the wind can vary from 0 to 25-30 knots. Yes, and on the South side is not sweeter, coming against the wind, left Guadeloupe, Islands to the right, blowing like in the tube.

For most boats this is a very interesting and challenging race takes 4 days. After the finish, the organizers give each crew a crate of cold beer and Wadadli is asked to transfer part of remaining on Board products to the residents of the island. I do not know now, and I found the days when nearly every boat towering piles of food.”

The regatta is young, is only 11-th time, but it quickly gained popularity. In this race the race will take part about 700 sailors from more than 20 countries. It was planned that the ships will be 78, but a few days before the start of the race lost his mast yacht Maxi 72 Proteus, and then a sudden onslaught of the storm, as we mentioned, turned the trimaran MOD 70 Argo, on Board of which at the time were eminent guests – Brian Thompson and françois Gabaret.

Now, just hours before the start of the race, still don’t know, Argo will take part in the race or not. However, according to its American skipper Jason Carroll, visible damage to the trimaran (which, according to General opinion, was to compete with the famous Maserati Multi 70, Giovanni Soldini) have not received. But thorough testing continues.

Among the yachts that will be released at the start – there are those on which the Russian skippers. These three yachts is Anna Michael Maturia, Ivanka Viktor Malakhov and Optimus Prime Yuri Fadeev (the latter stressed that his international team).

Well, I’m going to follow them – and of course cheering! Forward, friends!

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