Refit five

Continuous replenishment of the global fleet of superyachts will inevitably impact on the market review: it expands from year to year, and the potential of this trend already spotted and large shipyards that were engaged in the construction of new vessels. The reputation of the business review extremely important, because often deep renovating a yacht, according to the complexity of implementation significantly exceeds the create a project from scratch.

Amico & Co, without exaggeration, be called one of the largest and most successful companies in the world specializing in refice superyachts. Extremely convenient location, four dry dock length of 100+ meters and a huge baggage accumulated over 27 years of work experience in itself is more than sufficient arguments in order to leave their boat in Genoa for the winter, knowing that she is in good hands and will be ready in time. But Amico does not stop and continues to evolve on several fronts.

A few years ago the company was the first among Italian shipyards (and one of the few in the world) voluntarily received the status of authorised economic operator (AEO), which allows you to speed up and facilitate customs clearance and shipment of materials and components. In practice, this means that the components supplied for the needs of refita from EU countries and the USA, are not delayed because of numerous checks, and the shipyard can realize much more efficient logistics of the current projects, not shifting the timing by the fault of third parties. Network of providers, the shipyard has more than 500 organizations and 30 specialized Genoese companies entered into direct partnerships.

The fact of the success and importance of Amico, not only for Liguria and for Italy as a whole, supported by the fact that last year the European Union has allocated investments for further expansion of the Marina and the production capacity of the shipyard.

Another positive marker, the occurrence of Amico in the number of authorized partners repito Feadship. There already is successful, not one refit Feadship and now Rada for the “purity of breed”, the Dutch introduced a system of certification of yachts, including Feadship in Amico Services Network.

“This agreement was the culmination of the trial period of our cooperation with Feadship, which lasted two years and marked an important recognition of the high standards of work and our international reputation, says the company’s Chairman Alberto Amico. — This partnership creates new opportunities for the development of the market refita for both companies.”


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