In 76 years – around the world!

Briton Jeanne Socrates, 76 years old, but she is one of those whom old age is certainly not going to be home. After all, her goal is to become the oldest sailor in the world to circumnavigate solo and non-stop!

Start on her 11.5-metre yacht Nereida (2009 release) Mrs. Socrates took on 3 October last year in Victoria in the extreme West of Canada. Passed along North and South America, December 19, rounded Cape horn and headed East. Now the Cape of Good Hope behind. For more than 4 month passed 13 500 nautical miles. You will agree, is impressive.

By the way, once Jeanne Socrates has already rounded “ball”. His previous circumnavigation (which is the same as this time, she began in Victoria), the British completed July 8, 2013 – when she was 70 years and 325 days. The achievement is not broken until now and included in the “Guinness Book of records”.

But to be the woman who had made a single voyage around the world, Socrates little. She hopes to become the most elderly of all – regardless of gender. What you need to beat the record of the famous Minoru Saito: in 2005, when this brave Japanese completed the circumnavigation, he was a 72 year.

Not the fact that Mrs. Socrates can do it: “Nereida” one after the other chasing breakage. But the brave grandmother (she’s really a grandmother), the impression at all uneasy. Solar battery stopped charging – repaired. Failed wind turbines – understand the problem and they are working again. List of failure, believe me, can be long, but the main thing – every time Joan finds a way out and are not going to surrender. Pass Australian Cape Luwin she is planning in a month.

Well, we wish Jeanne Socrates, that all her plans were about to come true. She deserves it. Seven feet under the keel!

P. S. Photos, of course, not new. We found them on the personal website of Jeanne Socrates –

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