Not for fun, but use for: charity art auction from Lurssen

Lurssen auctioned colorful painting, the protagonists of which became famous yacht German shipyard.

To create the paintings had a hand in many representatives of the superyacht industry. Among them renowned designers Tim Heywood, Espen Oyno and Dan Lenard.

Paint any part of the hull of a mega yacht Quattroelle, Lady Lara, Solandge and Elysian and feel a little bit superyacht designer could also any visitor of the exhibition Monaco Yacht Show, what we in the editorial itBoat not fail to take advantage. Moreover, the auction is not easy, and charity: the money from it will be spent on the program Blue Marine Foundation for the protection of the oceans from pollution.

The starting price of each painting is 5000 euros. Unlike a traditional auction, participants are requested to pay the entire cost of the lot, but only the difference between the derived value and the previous one. The minimum bet in this case is 25 euros.

At the time of preparation of the material were made only one bet of 25 Euro per image Quattroelle. However, there is still time — auction will run until 20 November.

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