Rubber “Barcolana”

The largest regatta in the world once again confirmed its status

Regatta “Barcolana” celebrated its 50th anniversary. 50 years ago in “Barcolana” involved 51 yacht. Since then, the number of boats on the starting line grew exponentially. In 2018, the regatta once again confirmed its status as the largest regatta in the world, collecting 2696 participants.

Thousands of boats in the Gulf of Trieste is a spectacle in itself grandiose, but this year in honor of the anniversary of the start of the regatta was adorned by the aerobatic team of the Italian air force Frecce Tricolori.

The winner of the “Barcolana” for the second time in a row was the Spirit of Portopiccolo. The boat passed the 15-mile route for 57,04 minutes.

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