Per aspera ad astra!

June 5, 2019

      Per aspera ad astra!
      Our colleagues working on the #EsmeraldaOK page published a curious interview with Uku Randmaa. With pleasure we reprint.

Per aspera ad astra!

– Who / what inspired you to this race?
– Sir Francis Chichester and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

– What are the benefits of civilization you lacked the most?
– None. I don't really need civilization.

– What was the most beautiful place / moment during the race?
– South ocean.

– Who was the most interesting fellow traveler / competitor in the race?
– We had a great team: Mark, Suzy, Abilash, Gregor, Are and me.

– Where would you like to go on a yacht right now?
– At home, in the bay off the coast of Estonia on my yacht Luts (Laser class).

– What was the most annoying during the race?
– Lack of food and wind.

“When was the last time you had seasickness?”
– North Atlantic when I headed south

– What rule of the race would you like to change?
– Get weather information.

– Who are the potential participants # GGR2022 has a chance to become a leader?
– It is difficult to judge at the moment. I think no one knows.

– What is the best design of the yacht?
“IMOCA, but Rustler is great too.”

– In the sea you listen to the same music as on the shore? If not, what's the difference?
– Not. I do not have old-fashioned audio cassettes at home, only Spotify (Internet audio streaming service).

– If you were asked to draw your coat of arms, what / who would you have depicted on it?
– Ocean and family.

– What motto would you write under your coat of arms?
– Per aspera ad astra (Through thorns to the stars – lat.).

“Swallows, anchors … what kind of tattoo does a yachtsman who finishes at GGR deserve?”
“I'm not a tattoo fan at all.” I don't even have a hole for an earring in my left ear.

– How did you celebrate the intersection of the equator?
– No rum and no party. I have crossed the equator many times already, so there is no need to celebrate.

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