The joy of victory at the Ostankino regatta

Last weekend, Moscow hosted the 20th Ostankino children’s regatta, which is held at the Ostankino pond since 1974 in honor of the victory in the great Patriotic war. Last year she took on the format of the city’s celebration, which is interesting to both adults and children, passionate about sailing and nothing about him not knowing.

This year the weather was great all except the young riders on the “Optimists” – it was warm and malamerenda. But the judges still got a few races among the senior and the Junior optimists and the relay.

Svetlana Krotova – coach of sport school №26 of Moscow sport Committee and a regular participant of the regatta was pleased with the results of their pupils and sailing festival as a whole:

“I take part in the Ostankino regatta since 1984. This is a very nice competition, which due to its strategic location attracts constant attention. To participate it is always prestigious. Here there is a serious struggle for results. Although the results in this pond show difficult. For example, this year the wind was not enough. In the first race all mercilessly “rowing”, which seems unsportsmanlike. But we must pay tribute to the chief judge Vitaly Trosino and the judging panel as a whole – all the “rowers” were disqualified. Eventually finished four. The second race was more athletic and dynamic, as it appeared a little wind.

And in the end the competition was a relay race. Relays are held for many years is very interesting “toy”, but unsuitable for a weak wind. This time the relay race started spectacularly, with the wind and ended with wind. But still, she was able to hold.

It was very pleasant to see the happy faces of our boys, especially those, who got his first Cup and medal, and those who participated in coastal activities and also won something!”

By the way, merits Svetlana Nikolaevna was appreciated by the organizers. She was officially awarded blanketly “For significant contribution to the preparation and conduct of the regatta Ostankino”.

While on the water were battles on the shore were the masters of sailing: George Shaiduko – silver medalist of the Olympic games of 1996 in the class yacht “Soling”, who spoke about his book “ABC “the Optimist”, and also honored master of sports Oleg Khopersky, who cheerfully and enthusiastically told everyone about the basics of yachting.

All guests of the festival could participate in educational and creative workshops, to win training in the sailing school and a lot of different prizes, or take a ride on a SUP Board on the pond. And as always, live music from popular performers and good mood did not end until dark.

Text and photos by Olga Efimova-Sokolova

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