Grandma does not give up!

June 5, 2019

      Grandma does not give up!
      How is the 76-year-old British woman Zhanna Socrates, whose goal is to become the oldest yachtsman in the world who has traveled around the world alone and non-stop? It's time to talk about it – there is a reason!

Grandma does not give up!

But first, we recall: the start on her 11.5-meter yacht Nereida (2009 release) Mrs. Socrates took October 3 last year in the city of Victoria in the far west of Canada, where she lives. Passed along the North and South Americas, on December 19 she skirted Cape Horn, after which she headed for the east, so now behind are two famous capes, Good Hope and Lyuwin. Now Baba Jeanne, as we once very familiarly called her, anchored in the Timaru Bay of the South Island of New Zealand. Get out of there.

In Timaru Bay, Mrs. Socrates decided to make a stop in order to bring Nereid in order and take a short breath. The rules of single non-stop around the world are not prohibited – in the event that you do not go ashore and do not receive outside help.

Such assistance will not be, although it would not hurt. Because on May 15, when the wind was 45 knots, and the waves – 8 meters, “Nereida” turned over. Socrates miraculously survived and is healthy, but the yacht got it. Water flooded the cockpit and made trouble there. Solar panels washed away into the ocean. Wind turbines are out of order. And so on and so forth.

But a brave grandmother (she really is a grandmother) does not give up and does not lose heart. She had been pursued by breakdowns before, and yet every time Socrates got out of the situation. Claims to be released this time.

We repeat what we have already written about. Once Jeanne Socrates has already rounded the "ball". The British woman finished her previous round-the-world tour (which, just like now, she started in Victoria) on July 8, 2013 — then she was 70 years and 325 days old. The achievement has not been beaten so far and is included in the Guinness Book of Records.

But to be the most elderly woman from those who made single round-the-world tours, Socrates is not enough. She hopes to become the most elderly of all – regardless of gender. What is needed is to break the record recently set by the winner of the Golden Globe Race Jean-Luc van den Heede from France – 73 years 129 days.

Having repaired everything that can be repaired, Mrs. Socrates intends to begin the final stage of her journey. First, she will go to the east, then to the northeast to Tahiti, then to the Hawaiian islands, and then head for Victoria in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Success to this amazing woman! Seven feet under the keel!

Jeanne Socrates personal site – There we found these pictures. Naturally, they are not new.

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