Sold the farm, bought a yacht

June 5, 2019

      Sold the farm, bought a yacht
      The web is in the midst of a discussion about whether parents who go with their children to distant – and, most importantly, long, sometimes for several years – sailing trips are right.

Sold the farm, bought a yacht

Some people think that this is an empty and even harmful matter: they say, children in such families are deprived of the opportunity to develop normally and grow defective. Others cite examples, from which it follows that all these fears are just nonsense, and that children on their hikes develop even faster. Who is right?

Honestly, we don’t know. But here you have an amazing story about Steve and Becky, husband and wife from the Australian island of Tasmania, who were farmers, and then decided with their children to drastically change their lives. Sold the farm, bought a yacht – and went into the unknown. While no one of them (except for the head of the family) had ever sailed before.

What is amazing in this story? But what: when Steve and Becky moved to the yacht, they had 10 children – a little smaller. Then came the eleventh, when everyone in the family had already become sea wolves and wolves.

And they are happy !!!

At first, Becky said the problem was cramped: the children got used to the expanses of the farmhouse, and here was a small boat. But gradually everything settled down, everyone found his “living space”. And, to Steve's surprise, the development of children goes much faster than on land. Even the little ones will tell you thousands of stories about sea fish and animals, expertly argue about the formation of clouds, navigation through the stars, the management of sails and much more.

Do not believe? Here is the address of the site where we read about this amazing family, – a-sailboat? fbclid = IwAR1Ug_vuD2w4Prt3d6CxRJHx_0dfB8BPKtlJ2oDTDIivyqXRKzmwKuMGRdM

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