GOLDEN GLOBE RACE: Passion for rigging

February 4, 2019

      GOLDEN GLOBE RACE: Passion for rigging
      Leaders of the race # GGR2018 finished, and disputes over the results – started, reports #EsmetaldaOK. Don McIntyre tries to provide comprehensive answers to all questions.

GOLDEN GLOBE RACE: Passion for rigging

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Although Jean-Luc's yacht was allowed to race after checking for compliance with the rules, some people had doubts about the acceptability of the modifications he made. In particular, it concerns the use of a mast shortened by 1.5 meters.

Don confirmed that such a modification complies with the rules of the race. At the same time curious detail surfaced.

You remember that after an incomplete tumbling through the nose on the mast of Jean-Luc's yacht, the fastening of the guys in the middle of the mast was seriously damaged. The bolt, on which the cable fastening rests, began to shift downward under load, widening the standard hole.
It turns out that before the start, Jean-Luc wanted to use 6 mm of the guy instead of the regular 8 mm. The rules allow only strengthening rigging. Use thinner guys Jean-Luc was not given.

Jean-Luc assumes that if the guys were thinner, then at the time of the roll they could stretch a little, spring. The load on the fasteners would not be so great, and the probability of receiving damage would be less.

Who knows … The arguments of Jean-Luc sound reasonable. Don is considering amending Technical Regulations # GGR2022.

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