Only the sky, the wind: Dan Lenard began a “pure” sailing trip across the Atlantic

Co-founder of the Agency design yachts Nuvolari Lenard Dan Lenard (Lenard Dan) 20 Jan came out of the Spanish port of El Puerto de Santa Maria (near Cadiz) for 10-foot “environmentally superior modern sailing boat” Vela 33 Scia, is not equipped with navigation systems (including the compass) and any electronics. His goal — per month to cross the Atlantic ocean and arrive in Miami (USA), which will be held on February 14-18, the Miami Boat Show. The start date of the designer specifically chose so that the first few nights he lights the full moon.

About plans for “eco-friendly” travel Leonard became known in the end of November 2018. It should help to draw attention to the problem of damage caused to the environment of modern yachting. But if you fall you can only talk about the General concept of the project, but now it became known about it a little more.

First, was laid the perfect trail Leonard. Curiously, it is close to the trajectory on which the moving Christopher Columbus, when for the second time crossed the Atlantic ocean. Is that Leonard will not stop at the Islands of the Caribbean archipelago: reaching them, he will turn to the North-West, in the United States. According to Boat International, ibid., in the Caribbean, Leonard, apparently, refuses to “blind” navigation only by the sun and stars and use the Chartplotter.

Second, the rules of the project were formulated more clearly:

  • To go under sail or not to go at all.
  • To use the engine only in the Marina, during anchoring or security reasons.
  • Not have on Board power generator, running on fuel fuel.
  • Recall that the original Leonard wanted to completely abandon the engines.

    She Scia, according to Boat International, was not just Leonard developed specifically for this project, and created from parts of five abandoned the unfinished boat. Personal from Scia was only cutting.

    “The boat is completely redesigned, and it carries a very important message. This whole project is about frugality, so it was pointless to build a new boat”, — quotes the Leonard Boat International.

    After the completion of the journey the boat will drive back to Europe and give the Italian environmental organizations. It is expected that Scia will be walking around in Sardinia and Italy.

    “Everything is very carefully thought out and prepared. The only thing that remains unknown is the ocean. From this point of view, you can plan seven years or seven days, and there will be no difference,” concluded Leonard.

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