Canoeing Monocoque: when technology serve the beauty

Canoeing Monocoque — BorromeodeSilva


Designers BorromeodeSilva from Milan, with the soul reacted to the development of this canoe to create a truly unique object. They were driven by the idea that a luxury brand can exist by itself that it exists not only for solving problems, and justifies its existence in the visual range.

In the development of Canoeing, the Italians wanted to demonstrate their ability to combine traditional craftsmanship and high-tech processes and materials. Case canoe Monocoque is made of copper and woven carbon fiber, with a classic coating of teak wood.


Canoe Monocoque — BorromeodeSilva


Copper wire, woven in carbon, giving a depth of texture and shimmers under the sunlight, causing the surface to come to life, mimicking the shimmering sun reflecting on the water Canoeing, which is poetic in its creation, but technically strong, durable and easy. Teak surface is handmade Maestri d’ascia, one of the oldest and most revered crafts in Genoa. Streamlined design provides a place to stash the paddles on the sides, paying homage to the fins of the Cadillac.

For non Italian experts, the boat is made of Opera Viva and Opera Morta. For others it is the difference between the top of the boat and upset, and they helped the Council Federico Santa Maria, friend and veteran of yacht design.


This project includes many of the values that support BorromeodeSilva: technologies that serve beauty, cooperation between industry and sharp aesthetics. Currently, designers are working to integrate a small motor, and who knows, maybe one day, one unique object of design will move to industrialization.


Canoeing Monocoque — BorromeodeSilva

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