Became known cause of emergency on Board of mega yacht Grace

Failure to comply with basic safety requirements aboard the 81-meter yacht by Grace (ex. Kibo), built by the shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen, led to the injuries that caused the death of one of the crew members. This conclusion came during the investigation of the incident. The results reported to the Maritime authority of the Cayman Islands.

It turned out that the deceased crew member was not a life vest, as required by the rules. Also had been attached to the static structural element of the ship “line of life” insurance while working at height.

Perhaps to dot the i much earlier would have helped the record with one of the 14 surveillance cameras hanging on the Board, but just as the tragedy in their field of view and were not included.

Recall that the incident occurred on may 3, 2015. Jacob Nicol (Jacob Nicol), nacida chrome of the yacht during its stay in the port of Palma de Mallorca, hit his head on a heavy hook (according to various estimates, his weight ranged from 5.5 to 20 kg) and fell into the water. As a result of a skull fracture.

The poor fellow, who worked on the position of the assistant third engineer of the vessel was removed from the water by the diver. It was reported that he had found him lying “on the sea bottom, face down”. Alas, by the time help arrived, Jacob was under water for more than 13 minutes. According to doctors, oxygen deprivation led to tragic consequences — the death of brain cells.

The misfortune incident caused a wide public resonance. At the initiative of the colleagues Jacob was the start of a crowdfunding campaign in hopes to collect 7,000 pounds to the family of the victim could buy a special device that tracks eye movement and thereby help a paralyzed patient to communicate with the world without using a clicker. Unfortunately, the young man died a little more than two years after the incident, on 7 June 2017, as a result of infection of the chest caused by his complete immobility.

It is still unknown whether compensated the family of the deceased, and if there were, then to what extent.

The most insulting that the guidance marafeta not part of the immediate duties of Jacob. It specializes in maintenance of engines.

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