Mini-Transat: Intermediate Finish

October 15, 2019

      Mini-Transat: Intermediate Finish
      The first stage of the transatlantic sailing race 2019 is nearing completion. On the night of Monday to Tuesday and early morning of October 14 in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, the leaders of both divisions – “proto” and serial yachts — finished. Russian racers Irina Gracheva and Fedor Druzhinin successfully held this part of the regatta.

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<p>The best result on this segment of the journey – 8 days 17 hours and 58 minutes – was shown by Axel Trein (945) from France. On the last day, he successfully pursued his fellow countryman Francois Jambo (865), who had long been the leader in the race, and ended up six and a half minutes ahead of him. The third to the finish after another 20 minutes came another Frenchman – Tanguy Burulek (969).</p>
<p>Then the finish line was crossed by the bow of the first among serial yachts – the Italian Ambrogio Beccaria (943) spent 8 days 19 hours and 52 minutes on the distance. An hour later, Felix de Navasel finished (916), and half an hour later – Mathieu Vincent (947).</p>
<p>By the end of Monday, 11 protos and 15 serial yachts had already reached Canar. It is characteristic that in the “series” the first fifteen boats are numbered “under 900 and higher,” that is, more or less new, released relatively recently. Today, by noon, half of the serial fleet and 13 protos were moored at the Las Palmas quays.</p>
<p>The first stage of the regatta Irina Gracheva (579) and Fedor Druzhinin (759) in their divisions completed at 25th and 10th places, respectively. Irina – in 9 days 21 hours and 39 minutes, Fedor – in 9 days 10 hours 03 minutes.</p>
<p>Currently, a total of 38 yachts remain in the race. Four athletes – Jan Blondel (836), Pavel Rubal (908), Jonathan Khodkevich (958) and Jean-Baptiste Ternon (880) – unfortunately, left the regatta due to technical malfunctions and breakdowns on boats.</p>
<p>As can be assumed, the last to Las Palmas will be those who, having left the repair, only recently left the port: David Kremer (260) and Joe Lacey (963). As of the morning of October 15, they had only a little less than 700 miles to go to the finish line.</p>
<p>The yachtsmen who completed the race are already resting from more than a week of sleepless dancing along the waves of the eastern Atlantic. At the earliest opportunity, we will prepare and publish an interview with Russian participants of Mini-Transat 2019.</p>
<p>Results of the first stage (La Rochelle, France – Las Palmas, Canary Islands):</p>
<p>Proto Yacht Division:</p>
<p>1. Axel Tren (8 days 17 hours 58 minutes)</p>
<p>2. Francois Jambo (8 days 18 hours 04 minutes)</p>
<p>3. Tonga Burulek (8 days 18 hours 24 minutes)</p>
<p>Division of serial yachts:</p>
<p>1. Ambrogio Beccaria (8 days 19 hours 52 minutes)</p>
<p>2. Felix de Navasel (8 days 21 hours 35 minutes)</p>
<p>3. Mathieu Vincent (8 days 22 hours 32 minutes)</p>
<p>Andrey Petrov</p>
<p>The participation of the Russian yachtswoman in Mini-Transat is supported by NORD consulting, Griffon, Ullman Sails, Fordewind-Regatta, Gill, A.P.I. Marine, Sail Ropes, NAVTEAM, WISTA Russia, Alfa Insurance, Aquapac, Mobile Age, Nautix, MX6, Lyophilise & Co.</p>
<p>Sponsorship of Irina Gracheva is provided by the Path Yachting Foundation.</p>
<p>You can follow the progress of the race online on the Mini-Transat website –</p>
<p>Additional Information –</p>
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