The death of rescuers in France

June 7, 2019

      The death of rescuers in France
      In France, near the town of Les Sables d'Alonne (province of Vendée), a rescue boat overturned in a heavy storm, which sailed to the sea to help a sailing yacht, about which there is no additional information. Of the seven people on board, three died.

The death of rescuers in France


Here is what Irina Gracheva wrote in connection with this tragic news:

"I have a thousand priin to support rescuers at sea.

And personally, I have a thousand of them …
Today, Friday, June 7, the storm Miguel covered the west coast of France. It was from this storm that the organizers of the MAPb race saved us by giving a short distance ahead of time.

During a rescue operation, a boat with rescuers SNSM (National Society for the Rescue at Sea) Sables-d'Olonne overturned the ship in distress. Three rescuers from 7 died …

Being here in France, I have repeatedly seen the work of local rescuers, their professionalism and the speed with which they come to the rescue. For any odinochnik rescue center – this is the last straw, about which we always remember, in any trouble.

I grieve with France. "

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