Mini-Transat: Intermediate Finish

October 15, 2019       Mini-Transat: Intermediate Finish       The first stage of the transatlantic sailing race 2019 is nearing completion. On the night of Monday to Tuesday and early morning of October 14 in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, the leaders of both divisions – “proto” and serial yachts — finished. Russian racers Irina Gracheva and Fedor Druzhinin successfully held this part of the regatta.

Mini-Transat: behind a sharp turn

October 10, 2019       Mini-Transat: behind a sharp turn       The participants of the Mini-Transat 2019 regatta have already spent five days at sea. On the eve of the main part of the fleet, they successfully completed the racing passage through the Bay of Biscay and, turning south, ended up in a tailwind of the Atlantic. By Thursday morning, the participating yachts had already covered more than half the distance from La Rochelle to Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).

Mini-Transat: a start has been made

Yesterday       Mini-Transat: a start has been made The Mini-Transat 2019 transatlantic sailing race of single-sailor yachts successfully started on Saturday, October 5, in French La Rochelle. All 87 participants (65 in the division of serial yachts and 22 in the “proto”) safely reached the distance of the first, 1350-mile stage to the Canary Islands. In two days, approximately half the way to Cape Finister