Before you – the boat of the year!

At the exhibition in Dusseldorf, as usual, took place the promulgation ceremony of the yacht, received the honorary title of “European yacht of the year”.

Traditional five nominations survived at this time: family cruiser, fast cruiser, luxury cruiser, mnogokolesny and special (special) on a yacht.

Family cruiser
There were no surprises it turned out – was won by the yacht Beneteau Oceanis 46.1. Beneteau company in which already time has proven that he can build a family yacht for the mass market, trying to combine the habitability, performance and stylish appearance. The new yacht is a world leader in the shape of Oceanis 51.1 – nominee for the honorary prize last year – but with one important difference: 46.1 has a large sail area, a much more finely balanced. Changed the distribution of buoyancy along the length of the body even more improves the handling characteristics of the yacht under sail.

Speed cruiser
In this category, which was won by the Swedish Arcona 435. On the one hand, it follows a typical Scandinavian concept of creating a high-speed cruisers, torsion-free, reliable, with a great cozy add-on that makes the boat quite heavy. On the other hand, it has a modern shape with a wide beam and modern sail plan with a small Genoa and a very large grotto. The boat has very responsive steering with good feedback and excellent ride quality.

Luxury cruiser
In this nomination the jury was almost unanimous: the winner is the Austrian yacht Sunbeam 46.1. The new top model of this yard is a very versatile and balanced ship, equally suitable for long navigation in the open sea, and for a comfortable stay in coves and marinas. The design of the boat is very well thought out, the yacht is equipped with many modern details – windshield, arch over the cockpit, and other useful things. Attract the attention of many small details attesting to the concern of its designers about the work and the rest of the crew on Board.

This year the winner was a catamaran Astrea 42 of the company’s Fountain-Pajot. Catamaran market continues to increasingly personalized, was no exception and the new model of the F-P. the Bow cockpit, “sun bed” on the roof of the cockpit, electric lift for Dinghy, outdoor galley are just a few of the parts in the sum of allocating it on the General background of rivals. Plus driving performance which, according to jury, this model “turned out to be above average” — here’s the winning formula in this category. The build quality of the ship, incidentally, also became somewhat better than in previous years.

Special yacht
Here the beat is really unusual French boat Lite XP. One hundred and fifty pounds of displacement, plus a rare versatility: this sailing and rowing boat with a hybrid mechanical drive. Her planing hull, modern lines resembling the Scythians, has a small cabin-a refuge that extends akhtachi, making it especially interesting for lovers of active rest and all kinds of adventures. She has even made a good showing as the camera for adventurers in the traditional race Race to Alaska in 2018.

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